Shopping Is My New Sick Day Activity


Let’s face it: sick days aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, especially when you’re on Day 4 of what feels like a never-ending cold. There are only so many episodes of Law and Order: SVU a girl can watch before she starts going a little stir crazy. Especially during holiday season, when every shopping day counts — who wants to get out of bed and dig around their wallet for a debit card when they’ve finally reached the perfect blanket-to-fever ratio?

Enter online shopping’s latest innovation: by Visa. is a simple, secure service from Visa that can be used across a range of online retail sites to make purchases with one quick click. Log in once and let one tap of your finger do the rest anytime you shop with’s partner sites. There are few major services that allow one-click buying across the web, and even fewer with Visa’s reputation. When you use, you don’t have to enter personal info, shipping info, or your credit card number — ever again. It’s that simple.

On my most recent sick day, I finished my Christmas shopping with All I had to do was click this little button–

I'm Never Going To The Mall Again

And I was ready to get back to my Netflix marathon. It was just that easy. That’s why shopping is my new sick day activity. TC mark

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