Four Stories: Intel, W Hotels & Roman Coppola Make Short Films, Vol. 4


Four Stories is a collaboration between Intel and W Hotels, created to identify and support rising visionaries in filmmaking. Four winners were chosen from almost 1000 submissions, vetted by a panel of entertainment industry insiders and filmmakers. Roman Coppola and his production company, The Directors Bureau, matched the winning screenplays with up-and-coming directors and actors, while W Hotels provided some of their most exotic locations for shooting. Starring in each winning short is an Ultrabook, a new category of computing devices powered by Intel.

The above short, entitled “The Mirror Between Us,” unfolds on the very chic Maldive islands. It stars the gorgeous Nicole Beharie, who you may recognize as Michael Fassbender’s love interest in Shame. Coppola says of the winning script, “I enjoyed the script for its poetic and lyrical qualities. It beautifully integrated the Maldives location and had an abstract and almost musical approach.” There is, in fact, something very… fluid about the composition of this film. See for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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