5 Beautiful Places To Spend Time Online

Aspirational and innovative. Like these websites, the new Acura ILX exhibits exceptional design. Step up and step into a new Acura ILX.

Live Fast Mag

Vivianne Lapointe‘s lovechild Live Fast Mag curates the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel on the web. A vivid and sexy inspiration board for the aesthetically-inclined, LFM regularly features both rich imagery and expert interviews that put the spotlight on up-and-coming artists, designers, and good ol’ fashioned eye candy.

Scroll Kit

Scroll Kit is an intuitive web app that allows even the most CSS-challenged of web users to create stunning, scrolling websites. When you create a scroll, you’ll receive an empty canvas where you can place and rearrange images, text, and anything else you can think of with the click of a mouse. When you’re finished, your scroll — a birthday invite, a thank you note, a pretty way to tell your roommate it’s his turn to do the dishes — is published with just one click. Designed by Cody Brown and Kate Ray, Scroll Kit promises web design that’s accessible to anyone.

Street Art Utopia

via Street Art Utopia

Street Art Utopia curates and localizes street art from around the world. Check out the “Most Beloved” section for the most popular collections, updated every month.


Take a load off at Calm.com, a tranquil corner of the web that assists you in meditating for either two or 10 minutes. Take in peaceful images of nature, listen to soothing music, and take a guided verbal tour toward peace (yeah, it sounds like hippy-dippy new age stuff, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it — it’s much cheaper than therapy).


Silk is an exploration into generative art, created by Yuri Vishnevsky. Drag and click the mouse to “weave silk,” which can then be saved as an image. No matter how devoid of artistic talent you are, you can still create something beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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