HBO Passes On The Corrections, Dammit

David Shankbone

Sad news from Vulture: HBO has made the indefensible and straight-up heinous decision to pass on a television series adapted from Jonathan Franzen’s celebrated novel, The Corrections.

The Corrections, a story that centers on the dissolution of a dysfunctional Midwestern family, was ready to make its small-screen debut with help from Franzen himself, who co-wrote the script. He wasn’t the only big name that believed in the project — director Noah Baumbach and producer Scott Rudin were on board, along with an all-star cast including Ewan McGregor, Maggie Gyllnehaal, Chris Cooper, and Dianne Wiest.

As someone who just finished the book like, two weeks ago, I was counting on this show to fill the void. Why HBO has gone and done me dirty (again, I still remember the Carnivàle incident), I can’t say — but until The Corrections finds a new home, I’d like to invite it to come stay on my desert island of television shows who deserve better. Arrested Development and My So Called Life are getting lonely there. TC mark

image – The Corrections


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  • Raymond Thimmes

    AMC   ? Maybe…

  • Robin

    A. that sounds like a great book, i plan to read it right away.
    B. the show sounds great, i’m super bummed now.

  • Oliver Miller

    The Corrections is fine, but I fail to see how it’s a TV series, like, at all.  I thiiink a more famous friend of mine was working on the scripts, so I’ve got a little schadenfreude going on here too, sad to say.

  • Anonymous

    A. The book is great.
    B. Yes, it does sound like a great show- especially with Franzen himself writing, Noah Baumbach directing, and all those great actors (also Maggie Gyllnehaal) acting!
    C. Please some network pick this up!

  • Anonymous

    To be fair it would be really difficult to adapt the book into a TV series. The story is constantly jumping around in time and doesn’t always follow a cohesive narrative. This makes for a great book but it might be difficult to bring that style to TV. 

  • Michaelwg

    Maggie Gyllnehaal is queen of my universe. I want her to be my “Secretary”

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