Sorry Hopeless Romantics, But No One Actually Goes On ‘The Bachelor’ For Love

The Bachelor
The Bachelor

As far as shallow reality TV shows go, The Bachelor is up there very high in the rankings. 30 girls audition to compete for the love of a typically always shirtless guy who, in real life, none of these girls would even blink twice at.

Let me start off by saying I’ve seen nearly every season of The Bachelor since I was old enough to watch it and each season they get crazier and crazier. I’m still unsure of whether the people that go on this show are actually that nuts or are just getting a crazy television edit. But truth be told I’m pretty sure it’s a little bit of both.

As viewers we don’t all watch it because we are hopeless romantics who just want things to work out in the end.

We are watching to see just how crazy the people ABC cast are.

Especially this season with Nick Viall, who is pretty much famous for being an overly confident douchebag on reality TV, as the Bachelor, the entertainment factor was through the roof before it even premiered. He claims he wants real love and just to settle down now, which is probably because he is a 36 year-old man and he thinks that’s what he should be saying. But, like every immature guy on the planet, he’s still having black out one night stands (with CRAZY Liz who came on the show to (re)test out their connection after already drunkenly hooking up with him at a wedding) and he gave the group date rose to Corrine (the girl who took her top off and told him to grab her boobs during their photoshoot).

But people love a bad boy which is why choosing Nick as the Bachelor was a smart move because even people that hate him are watching to see what (read: who) he does.

I just find it hard to believe that any sane girl (or guy) looking for true love would willingly sign up to go on a show where a bunch of other people date your “significant other” (Taylor who’s real life occupation is the “mental health counselor” this season is not fooling me she’s probably the craziest of them all). I mean this is exactly the opposite of what people typically want in a relationship.

Trust and loyalty are usually two big factors when it comes to settling down with a partner which is why I find it hard to believe serious people are using The Bachelor as their way to get engaged.

And I mean the track record of relationships that actually worked out in the end is pretty slim so you have to be pretty naïve to go into this thinking you and this person are the one in a million.

But with ‘”Former Bachelor Contestant” now seemingly becoming a job title for all the “rejects” who use the show to get Instagram modeling deals, blogs and club hosting gigs and more, contestants nowadays 99% of the time are fame seekers. Don’t let them fool you otherwise. But this makes for the best TV. They are working that much harder to outdo each other, more than ever before.

This season it only took one episode in for a girl (the 24 year-old with a nanny) to say she can picture herself marrying Nick so the claws are already out.

People LOVE watching drama explode right in-front of their eyes, especially when it has to do with beautiful strangers on TV and not a part of their actual lives. I mean it’s only a few weeks into this season of The Bachelor and we have already had a slap in the face, a sex scandal, a topless photoshoot, and a drunken rant by a girl who “isn’t there to make friends”.

So whether you’ve seen the show or not I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype and just know that everyone who watches it doesn’t buy into the fact that these people are actually in love we just like watching people get drunk, fight, and cry over the same guy in exotic locations once a week. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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