Here’s What Non-Negotiable Traits To Look For When Forming Your ‘Squad’


No, it doesn’t require all members to be 6 foot tall models (sorry T Swift). A genuine best friend group takes a lot more than that.

Unlike with family, you are able to choose your friends. The people you will share countless days in and nights out (and vice versa) with. Best friends often do become the family you choose for yourself so if you want to make sure that these people are the kind of people you want around you for the rest of your life they will bring these things to the group.


In friendships just like any other kind of relationships you should trust those people. They know your stories, secrets, and embarrassing moments and you can trust them never to go blabbing them the next time someone has a little too much to drink. You can trust these people with your life. Best friends will defend you against anyone who says anything bad against you. They won’t go befriending that person the next day. They will always, without question, be on your side- through the big stuff and the small stuff.


Your best friends should surround you with positive energy and great memories. There should never be a question of whether it is going to be a fun time when you all get together, because it always is. You want only people in your life who bring you up, not down. If there is someone who brings negativity and drama then it may be time to reevaluate that friendship. Life is too short to not be having fun with your besties no matter what you are doing.


No one enjoys being lied to which is why your friends should be the ones who are most honest with you. They should tell you when that outfit doesn’t look good or when you were a little too drunk last night. They should also tell you when you are in the wrong (even if you’re not going to like it) so you can learn from your mistakes. You know they are never trying to hurt you, only help you.


Friends are the people who have heard the sob stories about your ex a hundred times and still don’t complain to you. Best friends will give you their straightforward opinions about everything and they won’t get mad when you don’t take their advice right away. But in the end you know they’re usually right and you shouldn’t have went back to the douchebag. Best friends should be like the therapists you don’t have to pay for (except maybe in vodka sodas on a night out).


Best friends have to listen to each other’s text rants about bad days at work or take care of each other when one of us gets too drunk. We put up with each other at our worsts because we know that we have each other’s backs and the good times outweigh the bad. And friends will never hold your low points against you because they understand that’s what friends are for.


Sometimes I swear that best friends can even read my mind. Friends don’t always have to agree but they should generally have similar interests and enjoy the same types of things. They reinsure that some of your crazy ideas are not in fact crazy because they would do the same thing. They share a similar sense of humor which makes for endless memes and jokes in the group text.

If you have a squad like this in your life you’re not only really lucky but you are all probably a force to be reckoned with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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