35 Little Things Your Best Friends Definitely Deserve A ‘Thank You’ For Doing

Clarisse Meyer
Clarisse Meyer

1. Dropping everything when one of us is sad and crying to come over and comfort each other and just watch us cry (even if there’s better things to do).

2. Being down for happy hour after a rough week at work.

3. Having the same taste in alcohol so we don’t have to spend extra on separate bottles for each of us.

4. Always getting just as drunk as each other so we all don’t look (too) ridiculous.

5. In direction correlation, laying around all day eating and watching trash TV when we are too hungover to move.

6. Gossiping about said trash television with no judgements or cringing.

7. Encouraging each other when we feel like the world is against us.

8. Reassuring our decisions to buy the expensive (but beautiful) pair of shoes (or bag or sunglasses or dress, etc.)

9. Offering to kick the ass of whatever guy hurt one of us.

10. Analyzing together, every situation and conversation we had with the boys we like.

11. Typing out and editing the messages before we send that nerve-wracking text.

12. Being wing women for each other, even when we don’t necessarily want to. (Way to take some for the team guys).

13. Never judging if one of us hooks up with a guy way below our standards.

14. But also letting each other know he is way below our standards.

15. Always supporting each other, no matter what our opinion on the situation is.

16. Hate stalking people for each other.

17. Then talking about how ugly the girl you hate looks in the Instagrams she’s posted.

18. Receiving 100 venting text messages to and from each other and never minding, even when we are at work.

19. Always liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram pictures.

20. Letting each other borrow clothes for months at a time by accident and never worrying we won’t get them back.

21. Being honest if we don’t like certain outfits, but never making us feel bad about it.

22. Listening to each other with open ears, hearts and no judgements.

23. Tolerating and taking care of each other when one of us has too much to drink.

24. Not minding having nights in together to relax and literally do nothing once in a while.

25. Picking and planning fun trips with each other when we all need a break from the real world.

26. Spotting each other when one of us is a really broke bitch.

27. Always being honest with each other, even when it is brutal honesty.

28. Giving each other advice, even if we don’t always listen to it.

29. Forgiving and talking things out with each other after a nonsense fight.

30. And having each other’s backs and helping when one of us is in a fight with someone else.

31. Binge-watching the same shows as each other so we can all discuss together.

32. Supporting each other’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small.

33. And brining each other wine (or stronger) for our failures.

34. Never ever kicking each other when we are already down.

35. Just being our crazy selves and loving each other anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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