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Why Our Intentions Are More Important Than We Think

Living a life of consideration and good intention is something just that: intentional. We are not good by accident; we are good on purpose. If we do not make the effort, despite our ignorance, and despite our missteps, we are neither considerate, nor well-intended individuals.

We Don’t Have It All; We Don’t Have To

We are taught to focus on ourselves and spend time only with those who matter because life is short and abrupt and can end at any time. Yet, this advice discounts all of the interesting, bizarre, and wonderful encounters we will have with others and through the stories of those we do not yet know.

A Couple Of Issues With Third Wave Feminism

Part of equality is behaving as equals, and if we continually place all blame on the patriarchy for our problems, we will do ourselves no service, as well as cease in any sort of advancement. Half of this is our battle as individuals — as humans.

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