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Every Email You Will Ever Get From Your Boss In PR, Ever

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Hi ___________,

I just wanted to circle back about that assignment I thought would be good for you to cut your teeth on earlier. This assignment really requires a sense of urgency and needs to be client ready by the time it reaches me. Per our discussion earlier, please take the lead on crafting the email and I’ll take care of managing the client’s expectations. This campaign could be a real game-changer for our client and position them as a thought leader in their industry. Although the campaign is pretty turn-key, we really need to be very detailed oriented in order to obtain this low hanging fruit.

Having said that, there is really no reason to reinvent the wheel, even though there are many moving parts. If we keep this a high priority moving forward, this campaign can be used as an example of “best practices” in the future. When you get back to me, please take a stab at including a list of all action items and I will kindly review.

Thanks again in advance for massaging this out so quickly, I know that it’s really a tight turnaround and you have a lot on your radar right now. Please have all deliverables to be by EOD CST and we can discuss key learnings then. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to discuss further as necessary. I really think the timing right now is the perfect storm to merchandise this cross-platform campaign for the client if we are solution driven and lead the charge!

I’ll reach out to you later,
Your Boss TC mark

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