7 Things That’ll Make Anyone More Attractive

Forget arguing about makeup, Photoshop and “I woke up like dis.”  These traits are what really make you more desirable:

1. Ambition.

It’s not about the money, it’s not about the power, the fame, the status – the achievable is about the passion. Commitment, energy, and discipline shape for one heck of a passionate package (no pun intended). Whether this drive is tunneled into athleticism, entrepreneurship, an education based career, or save-the-word philanthropy, there’s something sexy about a person who wants something and goes for it. 

2. A sense of humor.

Sh*t happens. Often. Sometimes we make mistakes, other times things are out of our control. Having someone that can make you laugh isn’t just a convenient means of real-life entertainment, but a source of positive energy and relief. If a person makes you crack up to the point of “I want to write that down” but I can’t because “I’m dying” … they’re a keeper. 

3. Kindness for those who can do nothing for them.

Also known as character. There’s a delicate balance to being selfish (rightfully looking out for yourself) and appreciating life in general. Putting a value on others whether they’re people, animals, or the environment is a reflection of a kind soul. If someone values him or herself and finds worth amongst others too, you automatically know that he or she will treat you well. 

4. A Creative Flair

Again … entertain me.

Just kidding; that’s not the point. A little flash, a little color; a few surprises and some fun – – creativity is a gift and those who posses it add a vivid perspective to life. Music, words, dance, design, film, cooking, comedy, fashion – whatever it is that explodes from their spirit onto a medium that translates to pleasure – our world is a better, brighter place because of it.  These electric archetypes are those who manage to channel our emotions into a tangible form. Thanks for the feelings, we have them too. 

5. Honesty

Mostly because getting lied to pretty much pisses anyone off under almost any given circumstance. Honesty also reflects a sense of consideration, courage, and mature communication skills. Furthermore, honesty without fail, re-affirms #6 loyalty.

6. Loyalty

In a fast-paced world with ever-changing people, places, technology, and norms, there can be little stability or consistency in our millennial lives. When someone is there for you, the security allows you to be vulnerable and dependent. The two things no one wants to be, but inescapably needs to be at some point. 

7. A Physically Active Lifestyle.

Lookin’ good is an obvious and undeniable spark to attraction. If you’re truly smart, you know to take care of your body too! Beauty fades and our bodies change, but getting outside to try a new sport, bask in nature, and DO things might make you want to … do things together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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