9 Essential Travel Apps And Websites For Accommodation

Finally! Wanderust worries minimized by tech-savy teams.

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1. Tingo.com

 Automatically receive a refund if the price of your hotel room drops. Thank you Smart Traveler Media! (a subsidiary of TripAdvisor).

2. A win – win for travelers: RoomerTravel.com

RoomerTravel allows you to book hotel reservations from people who have to cancel their trip. It also allows you to sell a hotel reservation you can’t use anymore.

3. Go ahead, be spontaneous…

ReallyLateBooking.com has also released a mobile app that lets you book for tonight.

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4. Something for the shackers…

HotelTonight.com is a free mobile app that also allows you to book as late as 2 am with 24/7 real customer support.

5. Up and coming: TheSuitest.com

TheSuitest.com is “A Swanky Hotel Intelligence Engine” still in Beta, but quickly gaining attention for its details on amenities. Presented in an easy, organized manner, TheSuitest lets you truly compare hotels without having to look up their websites in separate tabs.

6. Ballin’ on a budget?

Hostel Hero mobile app is the new Hostel World. Both are great for the back-packer or budget traveler.

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7. AirBnB.com updated its mobile app this December.

This is the happy medium between hostels and hotels as it showcases chic travel apartments.

8. HotelsCombined.com

Compares rates for different booking platforms. It’s the accommodation equivalent of Kayak and Skyscanner.

9. Free Stay? Or simply to meet locals, check out CouchSurfing.org.

You’ve heard the hype and are hesitant to try it? I wouldn’t recommend it if I hadn’t given it a go (and I’m semi-high-maintenance, female, 20 Something, and from Los Angeles). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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