Men Love These Female Body Parts. Can You Name Them All?

Shutterstock /  Mayer George
Shutterstock / Mayer George

Solange Magnano, 37-year-old model and former Miss Argentina, died of complications resulting from elective surgery on her buttocks. Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery pondered what could have caused Magnano’s death, saying: “An injected material — either fat or silicone — would have to enter a large vein in sufficient amounts to cause a pulmonary embolism. This is extremely rare, especially in fat transfer. It’s more likely she developed a blood clot that traveled to cause her embolism.”

It’s unfortunate that Magnano felt she had to undergo plastic surgery in order to make herself more bootylicious. While we’re well aware of “The Power of the Butt” — our god-given behind has drawn lots of eyeballs to it — there are limits to the lengths women should go in order to make themselves more attractive to others. Especially when it seems that men have a soft spot for our natural beauty.

Which is why we thought it necessary to point out all the things your boyfriend loves about your bod, head to toe, and sans bling.

1. Your hair.

The way it smells faintly of your vanilla-scented shampoo all day long. The way it hangs demurely over your eyes, just begging to be brushed behind a dainty little ear. The way it shimmers, making it nearly impossible for him to resist running his fingers through its deliciously soft expanse.

2. Your eyes.

Debbie Gibson once sang, “I get lost in your eyes.” Well, your eyes are pretty mesmerizing as well, whether or not you’ve been able to master that whole smokey, cat-eye look.

3. Your skin.

How soft and smooth it is, calling out for a caress or two (or perhaps some heavy groping.) It’s one of the reasons men will always prefer sexy time with you to sexy alone time with their huge porn collection: The feel of skin-on-skin just can’t be beat.

4. Your clavicle and the curve of your neck.

Something about the clavicle is irresistible to men. Perhaps it’s the concavity of it, which makes it perfectly shaped for a quick inhale of our natural scent or a lingering kiss.

5. Your belly button.

As ladies, we don’t understand this one. After all, men have belly buttons, too. Perhaps we’re just better at cleaning out the lint. (Kidding! Just kidding!)

6. Your curves.

The strength in your calves. The small of your back. Your generous hips that shimmy as you walk, and your grabbable booty. Everything about the way you’re shaped screams Woman! to the men in your life. For god’s sake, don’t shrink it with surgery. Work it!

7. Your boobage.

Okay. Technically, this should be counted in with your curves, but boobshold an allure for men that’s unmatched by any other part of our body. They like to stare at them. They like to touch them. They like to put their mouth on them. They like to use them as pillows. It doesn’t matter what size they are. I swear to you. Just the fact that you have them makes men crazy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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