Deep Blue Sea

At first, it felt different
distanced, lost, unknown
like this shift was forced upon.
Pushed by the universe and approved by the moon.
It came at night, this feeling of uncertainness
never expected, unannounced
you came into my life with the utmost silence; pin drop silence.
Hushed, as if your fingertips pressed against my lips urging for stillness.
It felt different, I felt scared
truth be told, I was not prepared.
I opened the gates to the chamber of my soul, poured everything out
confessed and confessed the stress
stress possessed by such mess.
My vulnerability exposed, bare-skinned and free,
it felt clean, pure, wiped out of all evil.
You accepted my wrongs, my mistakes, my biggest regrets
you accepted me for my raw self, no settling for less.
Everything was fine, everything in check
the ship was sailing
effortlessly through the sunset.
Day turned to night, here comes the spring tide.
Tides got higher,
tides got too high
slowly but surely, it pulled us down
poked holes, still pulling us down
wrecking knots, pulled us down
further and further, trying to patch the wrongs, pulled us down.
As I motioned my arms over my head, I signaled for help, aid, anything.
The water rose up to my neck, I felt it coming.
The water rose up to my cheek as a single, salty tear lingered in the blue unknown.
It rose and rose, my fingers prune-like
The end of the beginning, the end of an era.
Shipwrecked, sinking to the bottom of the ocean,
hidden with what remained.
A broken ship, broken dreams and a broken soul.
Chambers closed again, so tight rust began to grow
burning red rust, so tight.
The key to the chamber lost in the deep blue,
the mystery of what it held still lives on
the myth of pureness, of what was real.
The golden key still traveling, getting darker and darker as it moved deeper into the blue unknown.
They say this key is precious, containing beautiful secrets to a beautiful soul.
Never again to be seen,
never again to be heard
Its radiance faded like a firework after its boom.
Sinking, sinking
Sunken. Gone.

Life’s an unmapped adventure and my pen is my compass.

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