18 Genuine Things All Nice Guys Do

Yingchou Han

1. That thing where you’re walking together on the sidewalk, you’re closer to the street and he’s on the inside. Then he steps behind you and to the outside, sweeping you in, ensuring you’re a tiny bit safer from stray vehicles.

2. He’s in the driver’s seat, you’re in the passenger seat, his right-hand rests on your thigh.

3. He is the big spoon. You are the little spoon. His hand squeezes your boobs.

4. He brews coffee in the morning and gives you the big mug.

5. You’re lounging together, nestled together on the couch, watching Stranger Things. He mindlessly caresses your arm.

6. He knows your drink and orders it.

7. He sends, occasionally and strategically, a text including a smiley face emoji :)

8. Better yet, a winky face ;)

9. You walk by him in the kitchen. He grabs your butt.

10. You cook dinner. He washes the dishes.

11. He kisses your shoulder.

12. He remembers that thing you said you like.

13. He screenshots your Snap.

14. He says your name.

15. He refers to you by a pet name for the first time ever.

16. He calls you on the phone “just to say hi”.

17. You text him while you’re driving. He writes back, “Don’t text when you’re driving, dammit!”

18. You’re at a party together and you catch him looking at you from across the room. He smiles. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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