6 Surprising Reasons I’m Thankful For My Toxic Relationship

We put ourselves on pedestals, convinced we will never fall victim to anything that could physically, mentally, or emotionally harm us. This is why we never see it coming: the moment where we fall in love with someone who emotionally destroys us.

Because we are so oblivious to our own hearts becoming hurt, we fail to realize the pain until it’s too late, until our hearts have been dragged down more times than ever imaginable. For me, what I thought was a healthy relationship was really a toxic one, filled with sleepless nights, unanswered phone calls, and endless lists of what I was doing wrong.

Despite it taking months for me to pull myself out of the mess I called love, I am grateful for the emotional scarring. All the parts of me that were once torn up have finally blossomed into me gaining a positive mind and having a greater sense for the wonderful things in the world around me.

1. I’m aware of the warning signs

Being blinded by love means you are blinded by the warning signs. Learning to positively react to and ultimately walk away from any uncertainty will ensure you are beginning a future relationship on stable ground.

2. I am no longer settling

The person you are meant to be with will not make you feel dragged down by the early afternoon. Instead, you decide that waiting for the right person is easier than forcing a relationship. At times you will seem picky but it will be well worth it.

3. I appreciate my family and friends

The sole purpose was pleasing your partner, causing you to ignore the other important people in your life. In the time after a toxic relationship ends do you realize just how strong of a support system your family and friends can ultimately be.

4. I enjoy my life

No longer am I wasting my days and nights wishing and hoping for attention from my partner. Each moment in life should be appreciated, and each moment we should feel joy, not misery.

5. I am my own happiness

Emotional mind games can strip you of happiness, where you are searching for the day when you reach fulfillment in life. By ridding myself of toxicity you can finally learn to appreciate all the great things you can do for yourself, because without self-appreciation and happiness nothing will thrive in any future relationship.

6. I began to love myself

Toxic relationships thrive on self-hate. We are constantly seeking reassurance from our partner, where the only reassurance we receive is that we are and never will be good enough. By replacing the overabundance of self-hate with positivity, it is found that self-love is easier and can create a different outlook on all aspects of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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