10 Reasons Why We Need To Give Sandwiches More Love

New York is notoriously known for its pizza. Philadelphia has cheesesteaks. California has Mexican food. Boston has clam chowder. Idaho has potatoes. Florida has oranges. The list goes on…

What’s missing in our nation is something edible that unifies us, besides McDonalds, which is worldwide anyway. What most have yet to realize is that the answer has been under our noses’ long before Go-Gurt and Dunkaroos were a ‘thing’. One of the most underrated, and under-appreciated appetite pleasers in America is the ever-so-classic sandwich. And it’s about time it gets the recognition it deserves.

Sandwiches deserve more credit because…

1. They’re just like sluts.

Sandwiches are easy access. You can make a quick PB&J and be on your way.

2. They’re also analogous to basketball.

Sometimes, NBA players need a break during the game, so the coach decides when they should be swapped in and out. Congratulations, because you can be the coach of your own sandwich! Not feeling PB&J? You can always trade it in for Nutella and fluff.

3. The more time you put in, the more taste you get out.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you have a little time more time on your hands. Spend the time toasting your bread, folding and layering your cold cuts perfectly, and drawing a symmetrical mayo or mustard smiley face. The ability to construct a masterpiece is inside of everyone.

4. You can enjoy them during a black tie affair or during Sunday football.

Sandwiches do not have emotions-create, cut and mold them in whichever way your little heart desires. Slice them up into small shapes and put them on a tray as finger foods during a wedding, or serve them sloppy and delicious during Sunday football in your living room.

5. Their title is not definitive.

Call them sandwiches, subs, heroes, hoagies, grinders- interchange as you please.

6. The sandwich vs. the wrap.

A wrap is a type of sandwich aka the sandwich came first. Let’s not forget that. No matter what type of wrap you decide to indulge in (spinach, tomato, plain), it will never be as tasty and option-filled as trying out a different type of bread; i.e. cheesy, garlic, whole wheat, etc. Besides, wraps are hard to fold.

7. They are like teenagers’ sexuality.

Teenagers in high school and college like to ‘experiment’ with their sexuality. Not into experimenting with people? Experiment with your sandwich! The possibilities are endless. Swap in American cheese for fresh mozzarella, or bologna for ham. It’s your world; the sandwich just lives in it.

8. They have the potential to get you known.

Got a new twist on an old recipe? If you happen to know the right people in the right places, you never know where your sandwich could end up. You could create the next BLT and be featured on a Subway commercial. Or maybe your next-door-neighbor owns a restaurant and is going to put it on the menu and name the sandwich after you. Everyone wants to leave their mark somewhere.

9. They can be a piece of art.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and don’t be fooled- a sandwich can, in fact, be a piece of art. Seamlessly cut and beautifully crafted, a sandwich can be pretty or handsome. You can be attracted to a sandwich, for the way it looks, tastes and makes you feel.

10. They are timeless.

Sandwiches are timeless in the sense that they have been around since the 18th century. They stuck around for a reason. Furthermore, there is no specific time when it is socially acceptable to eat a sandwich. You can have a breakfast sandwich, a sandwich for lunch or a sandwich for dinner; whatever floats your boat. TC mark

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