10 Lies We Need To Stop Telling Our Friends When He’s Not Going To Text Them

It’s been a week since your first encounter when you find yourself sitting on the couch with some friends, still waiting for ‘that’ text. You’ve informed them of every last detail, yet 40 minutes after your storytelling is over, you’re racking up the courage to ask the dreaded question: why hasn’t he texted me yet?

Here is something I don’t know: Why we find it comforting and socially acceptable to ask our closest friends for what, most of the time, is a lie.

Here is something I do know: The lies we are asking for! How? I give ‘em and I get ‘em.

When push comes to shove, and you want the real, cold, hard truth, be mindful of your friends who are probably trying to make you feel better. But, be wary of these friendly excuses:

1. He’s probably playing hard to get.

Far too many different fake rules in the dating world to know whether or not this is actually true. I’ve heard of the ‘three day rule’ of when to text a girl for the first time, and I know boys who’ve texted someone of interest on the same night they got her phone number. Everyone has their own taste and style of going about getting to know someone better. If they haven’t texted you in over a week, assume they’re not going to.

2. Maybe he’s waiting for you to text him?

“I didn’t give him my number, he asked for it”, are probably going to be the next words that come out of your mouth. He did this for a reason.

3. You said he belongs to a sports team. He’s probably just busy at practice.

The truth is that practicing for a good team does take up time. The lie is that he literally doesn’t have 30 seconds to send you a text message.

4. You were drunk; maybe you gave him the wrong phone number.

You were sober enough to remember what he was wearing. You were sober enough to remember line-by-line dialogue from your conversation. Trust me, you were sober enough to make sure you put the right number in his phone, because you damn well know you wanted that text.

5. Maybe his phone died.

Lol. It’s been a week.

6. Maybe he lost his phone.

Just don’t make your friends resort to this one.

7. Honestly, you’re very confident. Maybe he’s intimidated.

He wasn’t intimidated enough to ask for your number… But it’s cute that you added the ‘honestly’ at the beginning for me. Thank you, friend.

8. He hates texting.

Why yes, he also roamed the desert with Moses for 40 days and 40 nights.

9. Maybe he’s gay and you’re a cover up.

“I’m trying to make you laugh,” says the friend who longs for this conversation to be o v e r.

10. You never know what he could be up to!

Right, because he’s so much busier than the average 20-something. No — his schedule is not any more packed than yours is. He just doesn’t want to squeeze you into it. TC mark

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  • http://myeuntamedheart.wordpress.com myeuntamedheart

    Wow, this just described my life. Thank you! I’ll stop waiting for his text…..two weeks later. ;)

  • http://lostwithnothing.wordpress.com Learning to live

    I’m still laughing at #8!!! Thanks for the smile :D

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