10 Signs You’ve Hit Financial Rock Bottom, By A Recent College Graduate

1. You text your bank to check your account balance more than you text your mother.

2. You make plans to meet up with a fellow intern at the library and go Internet job hunting, only to cancel because you don’t have enough money to fill your gas tank.

3. Your diet consists of cereal, eggs and the free coffee they offer at said internship.

4. You start using the quarter collection you’ve had since you were 13 – you were never going to get all 50 states anyway.

5. You look at every item in your room and ask two questions: Do I need it, and if not, can I make money off of it?

6. Moving back in with the parents isn’t an option because you don’t have the money to get there.

7. You briefly consider giving up food.

8. Grad school is now an option. Student loans and credit cards never looked so good.

9. You regret the time you silently cursed out the coupon lady in front of you at the grocery line. She had the right idea.

10. Stripping starts to look like a respectable profession. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Eleazar

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