A Letter Of Reassurance To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

Your naivety is pure and genuine so I want to share some things with you that you won’t understand until you become older. Right now, you don’t truly understand what it means to have a voice, right now, being desired solely based on your beauty doesn’t bother you, right now, you don’t notice when your opinions and feelings are silenced, right now, you don’t trust your intuition, right now you don’t fully believe in yourself or your potential, right now, you don’t know your worth and it’s hard for you to understand that not all people have your best interest at heart. Today, you don’t understand that life doesn’t always have a fairytale ending…but, in time, you will.

As you go through your life, you will have a variety of experiences with many different people, some exhilarating and some utterly excruciating. You will fall in love, you will fall out of love, you will endure heartbreak and you will break hearts. You will learn that sometimes timing isn’t always on your side. You will learn that at times people come into our lives only for the purpose to teach us lessons. You may realize the person you trusted with all your heart will be the person who disappoints you the most in the end.

On your journey, you will learn to understand the meaning of self- preservation and that walking away may be the most painful thing to do but it may be the only way to guard your heart. As you grow, you will understand the true meaning of the word “empowerment”. You will begin to trust yourself and you will find out what truly feeds your soul and what drains it. One day, you will develop the courage to speak your truth and tell those who try to shush you to lower their voices.

One day, you will realize that beauty fades and your mind is your most powerful weapon. You will find meaning and passion in something other than yourself and from this you will realize that true beauty is the embodiment of someone’s entire being to their core.

You will realize that having true empathy for others is one of the biggest accomplishments in life. You will learn how to become more present at the moment and understand that you can’t always control the outcome. Finally, you will understand that life is a compilation of moments and that nothing is guaranteed to last forever.

There will be times that you feel alone, defeated, and overwhelmed but you will heal and grow from every adversity you face. You will learn to persevere and one day you will look in the mirror and you will be surprised by the person you have become. You will find a renewed love for yourself that you didn’t think was possible.

In the end, I can’t promise that things will get easier but I can promise you that you will be okay.

I am looking forward to meeting you one day soon.


Your Older Self

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