You Need To Take A Leap For Love, Before It’s Too Late

woman with scarf
Aditya Saxena

What is happening to us?

where did we leave our purity,

our sheer joy for being alive,

our presence?

In the gutter

we are forgetting our humanity, our reverence for the simplest things


to be grateful for a cup of steaming coffee served with a smile,

for eyes gleaming with kindness for no reason at all,

for the sheer luck of being here to experience all of this

And I see people trying to leave their marks before they’re gone

but all they seek to leave behind are boot prints in the mud

the ego is the boot

so much weight and feigning, so little refinement

and the mud is the perpetual sea of delusion we drown in

day after day

the never ending rat race

for money, success and fame

for sexual conquests, social status and games

gambling hearts, words, calling names

busy throwing blame, casting shame

it cannot be said that we are living

when we are busy leaving our heavy marks while banging elbows

polishing our boots between the rounds, swiping our way through

because the path is filthy

Do you expect to bring your ego

into the garden of Eden?

No, in the garden of Eden the dance is barefoot

and the dance is here, among us, if we only start to see

we can bring heaven down to earth

so leave your ego at the gate

and let us talk about leaving another kind of mark around us

everywhere, whenever we go—

let us talk about leaving an overexposure in the world

because of too much shining soul,

let talk about walking barefoot

because the earth misses us so,

let us talk about walking naked

stripped bare of all the lies we know,

every vestige of prejudice

and maybe our clothes, too

I say love-making is the way to go.

You are looking for truth?

Good—find it in real, raw life

find it in your flesh and in your lover,

or if you’re after a spark of enlightenment as to the meaning of it all

you will find it in the darkness within,

the endless mystery looming beneath your skin,

but pull yourself together and dive in—

take a leap for love

before it’s all

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