Thank You For Leaving

Soren Sandbothe

This is to my dear Lover
I called him
and he came into my life
opened infinity at my fingertips
and met me in love’s deepest bliss
with strong, humorous, godlike motion
with unflinching devotion
kissing me and sealing my lips
for any other lover
willing to offer less than this
and he was real
so, so real
real as the blood dripping from his heavy past
realer than even
all the mythical stories that last forever
because he is not a mythical hero
he is a man
who knows the depths of his being
who comes like a hurricane
and does not apologise
for the inconvenience
of breaking through the walls so steadily
and never should he
he is as real as the yearning flowing through me
after the longings of my love he fully fed
as all the walls were shed,
should we never accept to build them up again
after knowing the power of burning so widely open
he brought down to earth all the light from the stars
spilled it in my soul
this is for us
claiming all of me
opening me in sacred light
beyond all that is and never should be
and his strong yet tender might
left my heart aching –
I carry within a universe-shaped void
because this lover did not settle for a corner of my heart
but expanded me to fill me with the entire night sky

My dear Lover
he is not here anymore
I am tenderly broken
more than I ever was before, and I am open
every crust of hardened ego has fallen to the floor
and I let love flow through me
through the wide open door
of my heart, finally knowing
the truth
of my infinite longing for more Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I seek, within and without, for the jewels of conscious living.

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