You Are Free


If you want to talk, with a glass of wine in hand
Come here
I know how to listen and let you flow in the currents of my heart
I will savour your words like the sweet juice of life
If you let me, I will absorb the sweat off your intellect and bathe it gently in my silence

And if I don’t say much, it’s because I want us to just be
Shake off the parched layers of thought and breathe tenderly from the dew of our lungs, alive
Let the perfumed air of the night drench our skins in the experience of our closeness
If it’s love that you need, then I’ve got that to give
Because I know how to love the right way
Love is a maze, and I’m forever wandering on its paths
Joy is an art that I’ll learn for the rest of my life
And I hope that so will you

I hope you’ll take your fears and chains for the insidious lies they are
And wrest them away into the past, where they belong
Or rather – let them fall away, like the dead leaves of an old tree
As you moon in the astonishing light of your own being
And then, you can walk tall like a mighty Mountain Ash
You are free
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I seek, within and without, for the jewels of conscious living.

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