5 Underestimated Sports That Don’t Receive The Credit They Deserve

When I first tried these sports, I always thought, “Hmm, that looks pretty easy…” then I realize I’m wrong. I was always a competitive person so winning, even in practice or training was always taken seriously. At first, I always do the unexpected and surprise people, but it turns out that I surprise myself sometimes with how awesome everyone else is at that sport. So if you are looking for an awesome sport or a sport to help you relax, these are sports I suggest you try…

1. Billiards

Think it’s just a game where you use a stick to poke a white ball a few times? Well, you’re wrong. Though Billiards does not take as much energy as most sports do, it takes a huge amount of focus and precision just like any other sport. Thinking ahead in this sport is always key, which is why this sport is under estimated. How hard should I hit the cue ball? What ball should I hit next? Am I holding the stick right? So many questions for just one turn.

2. Running

Not many people find the joy in running because it just looks like there is nothing to it. I used to think the same way until my dad told me to start running as well. It can be boring at first, but it’s only until you see the cool places it brings you. Then you get tired and you look at your time then you think “I can do better than that” Then the next thing you know, you start running (or jogging) everyday. Running won’t just bring you to new places but also great health benefits.

3. Ultimate

Ever wanted to try football but was afraid to get hurt? Ultimate (sometimes known as “frisbie”) is perfect. It is so under estimated because it looks less exciting than football, but that is where you’re wrong. Ultimate is also a high and fast paced sport. The great benefactor to this sport is you run around a field enjoying the wind, the sun and some friends or teammates to play it with. (You may want to bring some sunblock if you don’t wanna get burned or get a bit dark due to playing under the sun for too long)

4. Chess

Sports do not only cover physical activities but also mental ones. It takes plenty of intellectual power to play a sport (but most people just call it a game) like this. They say in team sport, there is a universal language, because you have to know what your teammate is thinking, but in chess, you have the galaxy because of the endless possiblities. Pieces and positions are crucial in a sport like this. Chess is not a “game” where you move a few pieces around, it’s a sport where great minds clash. 

1. Brazilian

5. Jiu Jitsu

First there was mental chess, now there is brazilian jiu jitsu (or “human chess”). It’s pretty much the same, pieces and positions are crucial. But unlike in chess, you can’t see the whole playing field which makes it very exciting. Plus, you play offense and defense at the same time which makes this sport very intense. Most of the drills here focus on core muscles so losing belly fat (or if you’re trying to get abs) is the perfect sport. All you have to do is learn the basics, then “Slap, Bump, and Roll”
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