Here’s How You Know That You’re Actually With Your Soulmate

Cristian Newman
Cristian Newman

You know you’ve found your soulmate when they come into your life and everything changes for the better.

You will feel one hundred percent certainty that you want to be with them and that it’s going to last forever. When you’re in their embrace you honestly feel like you could stay there forever. One look at their face and any sadness you might have felt that day is wiped away instantly. You could kiss them a million times a day and still want more. They have a scent you can’t get enough of. It’s the scent of home and it smells so sweet. You can feel an almost electric connection through their hands when they interlace with yours.

Your soulmate will make you feel loved the way you have always felt you deserved to be loved. Their love will be exactly as deep as yours. It will be real, unconditional, balanced. You will finally sincerely understand that true love really does exist.

They might not be what you expected or what you thought you were looking for but they will be everything you never knew you needed. They will far surpass your vision of a perfect partner.

They will have as adventerous of a spirit as you do. They will be ready and willing to take on life with you. They’ll be down to do anything if it means seeing you smile. If you’re lucky, they’ll even do something crazy like quit their job to travel the country with you for an indefinite period of time.

Your soulmate will be exactly like you in so many ways. They’ll share those weird quirks you never thought you would share with someone. You will share the same ideas about what’s important in life. At the same time you will be different from each other in a way that will bring balance to your lives. You’ll build each other up. They will love and embrace all the things that make you insecure. They’ll always know how to make you laugh.

You’ll feel more comfortable with this person than any person you’ve ever met. You can be one hundred percent your authentic self with this person. Your wall will come down easily. They’ll make sure of that. They will see and unconditionally love the real you. They won’t care about your social media persona or any image that’s been built. You won’t need to hide anything from this person. This will feel better than you can imagine.

Your soulmate will always put you first, even when it doesn’t benefit them. They’ll trade beers with you if you don’t like the on you ordered. When you decide on the same meal at a restaurant and they have a weird thing about not ordering the same food as anyone else at the table, they’ll let you get it. They’ll share their fries when you’ve finished your own in record time.

They will know you so well. They can tell exactly how you’re feeling just by looking at you, and not just because you have a wildly expressive face. They can always order for you if you’re going to be late. They’ll remember the things you say and the things you like because they genuinely care.

When you’re passed out early because you can’t hang, you’ll always wake up to a glass of water next to you. When they go into the store, they don’t have to ask what you want and they’ll come back out with your favorite snack.

When something is wrong and you tell them you’re fine, they know when you’re not and they’ll persist until you talk to them.

It certainly won’t always be perfect. You’ll fight once in a while but you’ll never go to bed mad at each other. Believe me, the ups are well worth the downs.

You might not think it’s possible but you’ll fall more in love with your soulmate every day.

If you’ve found yours, my heart is smiling for you. If you haven’t, stop looking but take chances. Be hopeful. Enjoy every minute of life. Your soulmate will walk into your life so unexpectedly and lift you higher than you ever thought possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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