You’ve Been Gone For A Decade, But Time Still Hasn’t Healed My Wounds

You’ve been gone for a decade now, and it’s not true what they say. They say that time heals and helps you move on, but moving on only makes it harder.

It’s been a decade that you’re gone, and that means there was so much you missed. That’s 10 years of my growth, 10 years of birthday parties, 10 years of new friends, and 10 years worth of life milestones.

It’s been 10 years since I last saw your face. I wish you were here for me to call you and tell you I got the new job. Oh, how excited you would be for me. I wish you were here to get to experience Facetime and so I could tell you about meeting the love of my life.

They say it gets easier as the days go on, but each holiday I miss you more and more. What would you be laughing at the table about this year? What presents would you want? What news would you surprise us with? You were always so good at surprises.

I wish you could meet my kids. I know you would be such an important person in their life, and you’d be so excited to watch them grow. Think of all the things we would talk about with my pregnancy. Oh, it just breaks me down on some days that you cannot be here.

It’s been a decade that you’ve been gone, and I wonder. I constantly wonder. What would your significant other look like? Would you be married? Would you be single? Would you be a boss babe with your own company or helping run a Fortune 500 company? What dream would you be achieving? Oh, you had so many amazing dreams, and you would’ve crushed them all. Would you be living in a city or small town? What hurt would you have gone through to let you cry on my shoulder?

It’s been a decade since you’ve been gone, and each year it only gets harder and harder. Each year I want you here. Each year I ask myself why you can’t be here to experience all this with me. Each year I try to imagine what it would be like if you were here.

It’s been 10 years since you’ve been gone, and I don’t think the pain and hurt will ever go away. It’s been a decade since you went away, and I just want you to let you know I miss you more than ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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