This Is What I Hope You Learned This Past Decade

This Is What I Hope You Learned This Past Decade

10 years, 3650 days, I hope you know you have come so far.

I hope you realize how you’re healed from the days you didn’t think you could go on and stand tall.

I hope you learned that love happens when it’s supposed to and cannot be forced.

I hope you see your mistakes never defined you and were needed in order to get to your achievements.

I hope you learned that showing both your bravery and vulnerability is needed to grow.

I hope you can look back and understand why you had to lose yourself and immerse in the hurt because it put you exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

I hope you learned that the kindest hearts always end up to be the most beautiful people.

I hope you realized that people will have your back, but ultimately you need to fend for yourself.

I hope you learned to help others, and let others lend their hand when you needed it, and all the hugs in between.

I hope you see the tears you cried are now twinkling in the sky and are the stars that lead you on your path.

I hope you learned encouraging and loving others and not being envious, allows you to celebrate your moments.

I hope you see that only you can make yourself happy, no one else.

I hope you learned to let go of perfection, because like they all say – it really doesn’t exist.

I hope you learned of your destructive behavior and acknowledged and turned it around with coping mechanisms with zero shame.

I hope you learned that everyone’s timeline is different, and yours is yours, and theirs is theirs.

I hope you learned that not everyone is meant to stay in your life, but certainly, there are those will be there forever – and that you learned the difference.

I hope you realized that setting boundaries – for yourself, for others, are nothing to feel guilty about.

I hope you learned laughter with people you love is a feeling you cannot explain – and laughing at yourself is the best medicine.

I hope you learned to never settle for anything, and that you won’t ever run out of time.

I hope you learned to let that shit go! That it takes energy and exhausts everything in you when certain things just aren’t let go.

I hope you see the battles and the scars you went through, but how amazing you were to hold on seeing the good.

I hope you found out you aren’t always right, and to be open with others and other perspectives.

I hope you learned that life can suck you up sometimes, but eventually you climb your way out.

I hope you stopped comparing yourself to others and realized what a gift it is to be you.

I hope you learn to pray for others no matter what your religion may be, because that’s sometimes what people need the most.

I hope you learned that you’re are not entitled to everything and that you take full accountability for your actions.

I hope whether a job or love, you learned that all good things happen to those who are patient – and that you don’t confuse it with waiting to make a move.

I hope you learned to let go of the apologies you aren’t going to receive and not waste your energy from a hopeful past.

I hope you learned that tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

I hope you learned life is full of unsuspecting events, that end up telling one amazing story in the end.

I hope you learned that karma is real, but it’s there to teach you.

I hope that you saw that every time you were challenged, you were also inspired and you continue to let that fire burn.

I hope you learned that it’s okay to push yourself but to also be easy and gentle.

I hope you learned that these next ten years will be the most magical of your life because you have learned so much this past decade.

Bravo + Puppies +Wine + Pizza = life

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