Wait For The One Who Doesn’t Make Love Feel Anxious

Wait for the one who makes you question how you ever dealt with the feeling you did before them.

Wait for the one who kills your anxiety. Wait for the one who motivates you one day to wake up, and the only feeling or thought you have is admiring the sunrise.

Wait for the one that when you grab your phone, it isn’t about whether they have contacted you or not because your mind doesn’t even go there. It’s simply about using your phone.

Wait for the one whose sarcasm and spark fires you up. The one you can say anything to and know every time you do, you’ll leave them with a laugh and smile, not drama.

Wait for someone who enjoys the simple things and positivism like you do. The one who has been through just as much if not more, but you’d never know it unless you ask and beg them.

Wait for the person whose vulnerability is so open, they don’t make you overthink. Wait for the person who gives your soul the calm waters it never knew it had.

Wait for the one that has the same family morals and future thoughts as you, to the point you don’t need to double check it. Wait for the person who instantly expresses what they want out of life due to their own wants and needs that balance yours.

Wait for the one you have passion with, but it never turns into fiery fights. Someone who fuels your fire with will and not ego. Someone who is quick to forgive and know who you are and your intentions.

Wait for the one with someone that understands your space, but always know you’re there at the same time, and vice versa. Be with the person you don’t have to wonder if they’re avoiding you or doing what’s best for the both of you. Be with the person who is strong for you even on your toughest days, to the point where they make your toughest days the best days.

Wait for the one who reminds you who you were before anxiety ever hit you. The one that friends notice the difference. The one that makes you smile and laugh nonstop and you don’t know why. The one who is thankful for your happiness. The one who compliments you for being chill. Wait for the one you never saw coming, because you had no idea anxiety could vanish.

Wait for the one that makes you question how you ever suffered from anxiety. Someone who is your soldier, and defeats and kills your anxiety once, and for all. TC mark

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