You’re Going To Regret Leaving The Perfect Girl To Look For Something ‘Better’

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She was there for you from the start. She was your number one fan. She fought for you, she listened to you, and she loved you with every ounce in her. You loved the way the sun hit her cheekbones like it was tempting her for a dance, and you loved the way she had rings of golden honey in her eyes that glowed when her favorite song came on.

She was the perfect girl to you.

She rebuilt your castle that had come crashing down before her. She blew your mind like the city’s wind, challenging you in the best way possible. You loved the way she’d twist her mouth to the side when she was thinking about something or how she loved the rain at night.

She was the perfect girl to you.

Yet, one day you decided a perfect girl wasn’t enough. You concluded the way she comprehended your soul and brought you back to earth when you were planets away, was not going to work out. You figured out the way she skillfully fit into your arms and easily made you laugh until it hurt, was not what you wanted. You realized the girl who saw the best in you when you were at your absolute worst, wasn’t going to cut it. You saw that her encouragement with your dreams and passions wouldn’t suit you.

One day you decided you had the perfect girl but wanted to search for perfection.

I hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope you find someone like her that was willing to do whatever it took to be your best friend. Someone that smiles at you even on her worse days in order to make the most out of your relationship. I hope you know her flaws were flawless. I hope one day while you’re sipping your coffee, you taste how different it is because she threw in the secret ingredients to make it the best – and it hits you that you had the perfect girl, yet wanted to search for perfection.

I hope when you meet others, you still see her dimples and her messy hair. I hope that you remember you thought you could do better. That you would find someone even more immaculate.

I hope that when you grip someone else’s hand, you remember her calming euphoria that she created around you. I hope you hear her voice saying “I love you,” as someone else lies next to you and as you remember the way she’d still be awake right now laughing with you about the day.

But the day you start aching back into reality – the day you feel an electric shock – the day you learn that perfection doesn’t exist – she will already have found someone who is perfect for her. The day you realize you had it all, the moment you see how divine she was, she’ll already be flawless to him. She’ll be the perfect girl, and he will be the perfect guy – all because you left the perfect girl to search for perfection. TC mark

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