I Know You Hurt Today, But Tomorrow Is Another Day

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A lost love is the hardest, I know you’re in deep pain. I know you’re hoping that you can wake up, and try to see it as a gain. It’s like they were your sweet tooth, and you tried to stay astray.

But honey, we can’t force amazing things to stay away.

And so you took a bite and saw why it was so great. In fact, you wondered why the universe ever made you wait. They brought things to your life you had never tasted, so sweet and wonderful, it felt that life without them was completely wasted. It was real and it was love, and it was everything you wanted. Unfortunately for some, real love makes them afraid as if they’re being haunted.

And when you fought their ghosts and thought all was well, your sweet tooth sadly began to swell. And just like that, it was ripped out. A painful and slashing farewell. The novocaine attempted to make you feel nothing whatsoever, but you’re scared to death you might feel the sting forever.

It’s not the tingle that hurts the most. It’s the feeling of something missing when you run your tongue across your mouth’s coast. For no matter how much you try to chill, your tongue keeps going to the hole where everything was once filled. As days go by, it still feels weird. You pray and cry that the feeling will be cleared.

I know you’re in some pain. I know you’re hoping that you can wake up and try to see it as a gain. But remember that letting go is like your tooth being pulled, sometimes we have to know it’ll be replaced with a better mold. Your tongue will run over it millions of times the first days, but remember how much more terrible the tooth would be ­­­­if it stayed.

It’s going to take a while, it’s going to take some time, but just remember some sweet tooths are meant to leave behind. TC mark

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