Never Let Your Mistakes Define You, Look To Your Successes Instead

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From an early age we are wired to think our mistakes are what make us. It’s our brave failures, our days gone wrong, it’s our unfortunate events that brought us to where we are. And if you mention you messed up in your past to another human being, I almost guarantee their response will be the along the lines of, “But it got you where you are today!”

Yes, mistakes are a part of life. but it is not just our mistakes that create us.

It is not our screw ups that got us exactly where we are right now in this moment. No, it is our successes. It’s our hard work that gave us the job opportunity we have now. It’s our kindness that has given us a blessing. It’s our blood, sweat and tears that have gotten us through the hardest moment of our lives. It’s our judgement of knowing the difference between good and bad.

Would or could we be somewhere different had our mistakes not happened? The answer is yes – but let’s not turn that around into our failures are what have paved the way. Our mistakes are one very small part of our future. Mistakes are one small part of our past – and we must focus just as much on everything we have accomplished.

No, it is not our mistakes that make us. It’s the nights you stayed home instead of going out. It’s the love you thought was forever and had to let go. It’s the best friend that gave you that shoulder to lean on. It’s taking the road less traveled. It’s closing a door you know that needed to be shut. It’s telling yourself every morning things will get better. It’s the positive attitude you have during tough times. 

No, it’s not our mistakes that make us – it is our successes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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