I Will Not Let You Take Me Down

A woman wearing all black standing tall and proud on some rocks
Julian Santa Ana / Unsplash

You’ve geared up for battle once again. You’re ready to take me down any way you can think of, because fighting me is easier for you than dealing with me like an adult. In all the time we’ve known each other, you never did learn how to have a real conversation. So instead, a war rages on.

Here’s the thing, though. The war is all in your head. It doesn’t exist. We spent 8 months together, none of them particularly pleasant, and we’ve been over since December. Seven months is plenty of time for me to have moved on with my life, and I thought you’d moved on with yours. If that were the case, though, I don’t think you’d still be trying to undermine me.

As I watch you take up arms in this imaginary war, I wonder if you’ve ever learned to consider the consequences to your actions. You seem to coast through life completely oblivious to the fact that what you do matters, and it affects other people. What you do affects me. The lies that you tell, the stories you spin, they have real life consequences. Did you know that?

You can try to hurt me however you wish. You can make up lies about me (as you have), you can exaggerate things I’ve done, you can skew our story in your direction to whomever is willing to listen. I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t know you the way that I do and will believe everything you say. You can wage war on me as much as you want to.

But I will not let you take me down. I will stand tall knowing the truth, knowing who you are, knowing who I am. I will not fight in your imaginary war, and by doing so, I ensure that you cannot win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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