17 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Strong, ‘Tell It Like It Is’ BFF


1. She tells it like it is, without worrying what everybody else thinks. She’s honest and forthright. She doesn’t apologize for who she is and would never consider editing herself to please the general public.

2. She can stand on her own two feet. Obstacles don’t seem to affect her ability to get places. When something knocks her down, she faces it head on and doesn’t need a parade of supporters to be in her cheering section, though she’s got an army of them, if needed.

3. She’s running the world and she’s going places. She’s taken charge of her career with focused ambition. She knows where she wants to go and sets a course to get there.

4. She doesn’t have time to be passive aggressive if she hasn’t seen you in a while. She’s created a wonderful life for herself is just happy when you can find time to be a part of it. She understands that life only gets more complicated and filled with endless obligations. There’s an appreciation that she’s not the only person with a full schedule.

5. She doesn’t take “No” for an answer. She’ll keep asking. Chipping away at the issue. She’ll come at it from 50 different angles until she finds a way in. She does it in a subtle, consistent way, with the skill of a master lady ninja. She’s laser focused at getting what she wants and you know she’ll get there somehow even if it seems impossible at first.

6. When human moments bring her down, she finds a way to pivot out of the situation. Of course she gets upset and deals with tough times just like everyone else. Her resilience, however, sets her apart. She’s able to process and navigate even the biggest hurdles.

7. She sees bullshit from a mile away. She’ll call it out instantly, never afraid to speak her mind. She won’t get involved in it, knowing that time is precious and the people who suck the life out of you are not worth investing in.

8. When you’re the one having a tough time, she’s there for you in an instant. She’s always got the best advice, the time to listen and will have an action plan for you to work on when you’re ready to move forward.

9. She attacks situations with the perfect balance of force, grace and diplomacy. She’s an expert and winning arguments, but is never argumentative.

10. She doesn’t dwell.

11. She may be perceived as callous or insensitive at times, but it’s just her drive. Her fortitude can be intimidating, but it’s one of her strengths you admire most.

12. She’ll give it to you straight. She is the first person you go to when you need an opinion, a shoulder to cry on, an extra pair of hands or to talk you out of pining over a love interest.

13. You’ll rarely hear her talking crap about another person. It’s not her style. But she’ll indulge you in a good old-fashioned rant when someone really does you wrong. Then she’ll stick up for you as if she was wronged herself.

14. She’s going places in this world, but has never stepped on anyone else to get there. She doesn’t have to – she’s confident in her ability to get there herself.

15. She’s innovative, an outside the box thinker. She refuses to accept the status quo. She’ll turn a night on the couch into a karaoke and sushi cocktail talent show. She plans the best birthday parties, the ones you actually don’t mind staying out late for.

16. She’s inspirational. You love watching how she approaches difficult situations, how she somehow manages to come out stronger than when she entered. If she loses her job, she’s got five interviews lined up within a week. If her friend loses a job, she’s editing her resume and helping her to do job searches. She’s the first friend you’d request to have in your corner at all times.

17. Her confidence is striking, both in the way she presents herself and how it drives her decision-making. She looks forward, in the direction that she wants to go. She understands that for every minute she’s thinking about her mistakes or second-guessing her choices, she’s missing out on what’s in front of her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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