11 Reasons Why You Should Marry The Man Who Makes You Laugh

Twenty20, nick_over_there
Twenty20, nick_over_there

1. He doesn’t take things too seriously. He’s happy to break the tension when things get too stressful and he does it at exactly the right time. He can transition a nerve-wracking, nail-biting experience into splitting laughter in a split second.

2. He gets you and your sense of humor. He knows what cracks you up and he makes it his mission to keep you in regular stitches. You find multiple moments throughout the week where you are doubled over in laughter from what has come out of his mouth. The more you get to know him, the more insight he has into your brain and what makes you tick. This gives him a constant flow of material to work with that he’s eager to try out on you.

3. The hot guy’s looks will eventually fade anyway. Humor is eternal. Plus his funny skills have made him extra attractive to begin with so you’ve got the best of both worlds.

4. The ability to make someone laugh takes skills and smarts. He’s a creative, emotionally intelligent person that has the ability to see the world in a unique way.

5. Life only gets more complicated the older you get. It’s way more enjoyable when you have someone along for the ride that can put a smile on your face no matter what. Stress relief. His humor makes your blood pressure drop, your heart rate go down and your skin glow. Which probably means that spending time with him is just as effective as a daily probiotic, hard core exercise regime or a juice cleanse.

6. Your kids will be funny too. Or at least have funny habits. Or you’ll have a hilarious husband that actively entertains your kids and cracks them up along with you.

7. Your friends will love him. He’s entertainment on a stick. His confidence just oozes out of him. No wonder everyone loves to be around him.

8. He’ll do crazy, goofy, insanely wild things just to brighten your day and he’s not afraid to really go there. You can act like 10 year olds together and it’s fine with him. He won’t care that you’ll laugh so hard that your nose will run, your eyes will tear and you start snorting. He’ll take it as a compliment.

9. Your family will get a kick out of him too. Once he feels comfortable around them, he’ll start including him in his schtick. He’ll cleverly include himself in the family jokes and before you know it, he’ll be cracking his own.

10. The romance flame will never burn out. A man that can make you laugh has found an ability to connect with you. He’s found a way into that part of your brain where humor lives. This is probably one of your favorite places for your brain to exercise and in turn, that will make this person one of your favorite people to be around.

11. Laughing is the number one activity of choice. Is there anything else you’d rather be doing than cracking up at something hilarious? And if the person you spend the rest of your life with can make this happen for you, haven’t you just hit the jackpot?Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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