20 Legitimate Reasons The Mom You See Running With A Stroller Is Completely Normal

1. Baby needs a diaper change.

You might not think it’s a big deal to change a baby while on the go. But when an unexpected filled diaper has leaked out the surrounding stroller seat and is leaking into the baby goods stashed below, it’s panic time. The mess isn’t as bad as the thought of running into someone you know who wants to coo over your baby, only to realize that they are covered in their own poop. Clear the premises, people. Let the soiled baby and frantic running mama through.

2. Mom has regurgitated formula / milk all over her shirt.

She smells like a combination of sour cottage cheese mixed with sweaty sneaker toe. Moms don’t always pack extra outfits and even if she is smart enough to remember an extra shirt, it’s not like she has the means to instantly slip into a civilized dressing room to change with a stroller/baby. She’s better off making a run for it and hoping nobody notices.

3. Baby just had a meltdown at a public place like Starbucks, a bookstore or supermarket.

The mom is panicked that the baby is starving and will literally just stop breathing or choke on the tears. She’s thinking that she MUST get that baby into a comfortable environment because she’s new at this and getting home just seems like the safest place. Plus the meltdown was so bad that SHE is on the verge of tears as well.

4. Mom is out of formula, milk or Cheerios.

This is a crisis. She MUST replace these items ASAP. Get thee to a grocery store. She will be angry and frustrated that she let her kitchen get to the state of missing these vital components of her baby’s diet. She’ll secretly curse everyone that gets in the way of her and buying that next box of Cheerios.

5. Baby is about to fall asleep.

Run, Momma! She knows to get that baby home quickly because if the baby falls asleep in the stroller, that nap ain’t going to last very long which makes the rest of the day challenging. If you can get home in time, you can transfer the baby to the crib or wherever else he/she sleeps comfortably for more than 10 minutes.

6. The mom has to pee and no public bathroom fits the stroller.

This is terribly frustrating and quite uncomfortable. The mom has tried 3 different stores to use their bathroom and now she’s verging on the point of emergency. In the meantime, she’s about to burst.

7. The mom’s significant other comes home early and is willing to take over.

This is another unexpected oasis that merits a full on sprint home.

8. Grandma, Grandpa, the baby’s aunt or uncle has arrived for an unexpected visit.

Mom cannot only use the extra company but she doesn’t want to keep them waiting.

9. The baby has fallen asleep.

In contrast to #5 above, there’s nothing the mom can do at this point and she’s running home to allow herself a small window of time to accomplish things she’s been trying to do all morning. Like taking a shower. Running the dishwasher. Returning a few emails.

10. It’s 98 degrees and the sprinklers at the local park shut off within the hour.

This is a reason to run like no other, especially for a water-obsessed child.

11. Running late.

Baby music class started 10 minutes ago and only lasts 30 minutes. The baby was napping and mom had to wake her up, change her, feed her and get her out the door.

12. She’s out of Puffs.

Hold everything. If mom is having a Puffs shortage, things are looking bleak. You’ve got to make it to the grocery store before all hell breaks loose.

13. The baby has another birthday party and you forgot the present.

Mom has to schlep baby, stroller and baby’s stuff to the closest toy store or baby supply store, find a present and some sort of wrapping and then write out a card. Each of these things would be relatively simple except when done while tending to a baby.

14. Delayed play date.

Mom spent an hour trying to find her cell phone, keys to the apartment and her glasses. She’s trying so hard to make a good impression on her new mom friends, but she’s already late and as she finally has the baby out the door, she smells something funny. Looking down, she realizes that her baby took a giant poop that must be changed. This can only lead to a mom running with a stroller in order to not be later than she already is.

15. Baby vomited all over himself and the stroller.

Baby feels much better and is actually playing with said vomit. Mom is running home to stick the baby in the bath and wipe down the stroller before the smell soaks in.

16. The mom’s friend is close by and there’s a window to see another adult.

Even if only for a few minutes. This is certainly worth a run with a stroller.

17. The mom has 30 minutes to run 8 errands in between feeding, changing and napping the baby.

You’re headed to the dry cleaners, grocery store, bank, toy store and the pharmacy to pick up an emergency extra set of pacifiers, wipes, diapers and/or milk.

18. The mom is being chased by a bee.

19. Mom is avoiding a crazy person.

Cigarette smoke or is trying to avoid getting caught at an intersection because the baby screams when the stroller stops.

20. It’s become normal to run with a stroller.

As time is precious and since this baby came into your life, you’ve never had so little of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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