21 Things Genuinely Happy People Do Differently

Miquel Bohigas Costabella
Miquel Bohigas Costabella
  1. They pick up the people around them. It’s ingrained in their personalities that helping and influencing those who need it, brings them unspoken satisfaction. They want to help because it’s who they are, not because they’re expecting anything.
  2. They’re happy with the things they have. They’re not jealous of those around them with bigger homes, more expensive cars, lavish vacations. They know that what they have is all they need.
  3. They don’t sweat the small stuff. Their day-to-day experiences with frustrating, anger-invoking encounters do not ruin their day. They acknowledge the annoyance and choose to not let it bother them.
  4. When times are dark, they feel it, but are able to find ways to move on and function. They look to the positive and dust themselves off to figure out what comes next. Dwelling is seen as a useless and counter-productive activity.
  5. They rarely talk smack about others. They don’t need to put anyone else down to make themselves feel better.
  6. They tell the truth and are confident in doing so. Making up little lies for no reason would never occur to them.
  7. They’re not drama queens. They are even-tempered, pleasant to be around, and rarely stir the pot. They certainly wouldn’t cause a ruckus just for kicks as it would be a waste of energy.
  8. They’ve got lots of friends who love being around them. Their upbeat energy is magnetic and fun to be around. Their friends feel appreciated and know that when they leave their happy friend, they aren’t being dissected or bad-mouthed.
  9. They fill their lives with positive influences, people, activities, and goals. They have little room for experiences that drag them down and are able to steer themselves in the direction of things that keep them content.
  10. They often exercise and have pets. Exercise brings out their endorphins, which reinforce those happy thoughts and feelings. People with pets are calmer and more satisfied in general (except poorly trained ones or those first few weeks of trying to house break a puppy).
  11. They sing in the shower for no good reason other than the joy of it. Most of the time, they are not even aware of what prompts them to start singing. They don’t care if their tone deaf or don’t know the words. You might also hear these people humming to themselves or physically unable to stop themselves to belting out a favorite tune on the radio.
  12. They’re thoughtful and go out of their way to let others know that they’re appreciated. They enjoy writing thank you letters. Gratitude towards other is a part of their DNA. It a constant feeling that they need to emit.
  13. They’ve got strong relationships in their lives – whether with parents, siblings, significant others and/or friends. Such relationship fosters their feelings of well-being. They are more secure with themselves for having such loving influences in their lives, thus reinforcing their happiness.
  14. They do something every day that makes them feel fulfilled – whether that’s spending time with loved ones, going to exercise, volunteering or earning a good living at a job. This helps them feel purposeful and balanced.
  15. They feel valued. That they are making a difference – even if only on a small scale. They are invested in the activities and responsibilities that they are a part of on a daily basis. They are usually good listeners and in turn befriend people who are also good listeners.
  16. They are loved and appreciated and know it. The closest people in their lives openly communicate their affection and appreciation for them and in return, they use this as a source of strength for the issues that they encounter.
  17. They don’t take things too seriously and don’t hold grudges. They understand that people come to their own opinions with their own experiences and reactions. Living in the past with built up anger does not do anyone any good.
  18. They don’t live their lives based on what other people expect of them. They blaze a trail based on their goals and desires and refuse to march to the beat of someone else’s drum.
  19. They hope to be good-looking, but understand it’s far more important to be a beautiful person. Their happiness is their most attractive feature.
  20. They learn from the past, plan for the future and are able to embrace the present.
  21. They understand what makes them tick, then build a life around such values. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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