17 Unmistakable Signs You’re A True Good Friend

Knocked Up
Knocked Up
  1. You show up on time when you have plans with friends. If you’re running late, it’s a rare thing, only by a few minutes and for reasons that are believable and beyond your control.
  2. It’s energizing to be around you because of your upbeat nature, genuineness, and willingness to go with the flow. You are a positive influence.
  3. When someone calls and asks you, “What’s new?” you’ve always got a few new things to say. You’re not one to sit around bored and wonder why there’s never anything going on.
  4. You’re not a drama queen and understand that you’re not the only human being in town. If you haven’t been in touch with a friend for a while, you hold no resentments and understand that life is busy for everyone.
  5. If something funny happens during the day, you’re the first to notice it and contact your friend that will laugh about it too.
  6. When unexpected life events flip a friend’s world upside down, you handle it like a pro. You’re there to assist or listen. You’re willing to go above and beyond to be there. You follow up when the immediate shock is over and check in regularly.
  7. When great things happen to a friend, you’re the first to show up and celebrate. Jealousy does not exist in your world since you’re secure enough in your own self to truly be happy when others are having success.
  8. You’re the perfect blend of a great listener, gossip appreciator, and contributor.
  9. When a friend’s making poor decisions, you’re not afraid to voice an opinion, but you’ll be there to support him or her no matter what.
  10. Excuses are not part of your vocabulary. You tell the truth. You’re not flaky. When something’s bothering you, you speak up. You don’t take crap from people and don’t dish it out.
  11. You make things happen. You’ve got a big network of friends and colleagues, and you’re special enough to strike up relationships with even the unlikeliest of individuals. You’re happy to throw together a party for a friend, set people up on a first date or plan a dinner for a busy group that can’t seem to coordinate schedules.
  12. You communicate well and don’t blow people off when they ask you for something. You don’t wait a month to call someone back and even if you’re busy, you find a way to follow up with people.
  13. You live by the golden rule of doing unto others but would never literally “do someone’s other.” You don’t go after your friends’ significant others or ex significant others. You live by woman / man code.
  14. You’ve got your own great things going on like a career, a relationship, and an independent life that doesn’t require constant reassurances, nurturing and babysitting by your friends.
  15. You smile a lot and laugh easily.
  16. When you’re introduced to a stranger, you’re warm, friendly, and leave them with the feeling that they’d like to get to know you better.
  17. You feel like family and there’s something missing when you’re not around. You’re just a well-respected, well-loved, positive force in your friends’ lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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