A Note of Thanks For Being Who You Are

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Thank you.

Thank you for every path you’ve allowed your feet to sojourn. For the wrong turns that brought you to the right people. For the miles you’ve weathered on faith when you’ve lost the map, without a single sign board in place telling you where you were headed. For choosing to hitchhike on a stranger’s fuel of kindness. For remembering to refill yourself at every station you passed by. For staying true to a place you wanted to reach and braving on alone when the easy ride had to go another way.

Thank you for the music you created with those you loved. For your pitchy laughter tuned by soft, bold whispers of everything you called your own. For the untrodden routes you’ve cleared with answers for those who will come after you. For taking rock solid steps into the unknown, juxtaposed with the power of something that trusts the spot where it will land. For allowing yourself the nectar of fruits you didn’t grow, but ones that sweetened you all the same. For becoming uncomfortable the right way — unbound by the aesthetics of what fits in a frame, unaltered by the accepted meter in poetry.

Thank you for the echoes of joy and the honesty of pain you’ve left behind. For christening beauty over and over again so that the world has an endless string of opportunities to meet her. For weaving spaces of belonging, drawing together threads of warmth from corners of the world that would never have come together to become one garment, were it not for you. For being nonsensically kind and moving those around you to draw a little more from their wells of goodness. For moving from what you know into the abyss of the unknown, and soldiering on until you came around full circle.

Thank you for seeing those around you, and for willing them to feel seen, pertinent and glorious. For inspiring them to seek their light and accepting their inconsistencies as a part of their astounding human. For marking flags of discovery upon a million lenses that this universe can be seen through. For the home you’ve carried within you and given to so many when they needed shelter to get through the night. For holding space for those around you to step into their purest, unabashed by the parts of them that the pain in this world could not corrode. For skipping along to your fluttering dreams, and bathing the world around you in each of their iridescent colours.

Thank you for choosing to be who you are each day. For every breath you take and every waking moment you seize. For journeying on, for falling, for rising, for growing. For breaking and for healing. For questioning and for searching. For purging and for unlearning.

Thank you for being and for leaving behind the mighty legacy of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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