7 Things That Happen At A Bar The Night Before Thanksgiving

Shutterstock / YuriyZhuravov
Shutterstock / YuriyZhuravov

1. You will go out.

Even if you’re tired, or said you just wanted to spend some time at home this year. This is one of those “I’m going out because everyone else is going out” situations. Also, maybe our family is driving us a little bit crazy. Pass the stuffing is for tomorrow – tonight is “pass the tequila shot!”

2. There’s one bar that everyone always goes to.

It’s not the best bar, or the most fun bar. Probably, it’s just the bar that lets everyone in. You know this bar. You will go to it.

3. You talk with your friends beforehand about the one person you DON’T want to see.

He’s probably creepy, or it’s just going to be awkward, or you got in a fight over nothing 5 years ago and they still never got over it. Note – you WILL see this person. No matter what.

4. You run into at least one ex.

The conversation goes:

“Hey, yeah, it’s great to see you. What are you up to?”

“I live in [random place]. Everything’s going really well, how about you?”

“Cool. Yeah, I live in [random place]. Everything’s going really awesome.”

“Well, it was great to see you.

” Yeah, it was great to see you, too.”


5. You see someone you’ve always wanted to hook up with.

You put on your best game. Things might be going well. But you can’t, because you’re both sleeping at your parent’s house tonight.

6. You end up getting really drunk with your friends.

Because that’s what this is really all about.

7. Tomorrow you will lie to your mom about how hungover you are.

Pass the stuffing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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