The Major Goal You Should Have For The Month Of February, Based On Your Birth Month

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This month, practice stating your feelings in a clear and straightforward way. You always lean towards vaguely implying you’re feeling something, or dropping very small hints and hoping your friends or family will magically just ‘pick up’ exactly what you’re feeling. This time around, save yourself and your loved ones a bunch of time, confusion, and unnecessary frustration by simply saying how you feel.


Start making a greater effort to understand your own emotions – to be conscious of and cognizant of them. Most of the time, you just let your emotions happen to you and you never spend time trying to understand them – which can lead to outbursts or unexpected meltdowns. This month, see if analyzing and and being aware of your feelings helps your mental and emotional well-being.


Be as kind to yourself as you are to others, in very specific ways. If you need a night in, take a night in and don’t feel bad about it. If you haven’t been taking the time to put good food into your body, start taking the time. If you’re overwhelmed at work, ask a coworker for help. You are always taking care of everybody else, and that’s a great quality, but sometimes it means you neglect taking care of yourself. So use February as a chance to start being good to yourself again.


Start practicing being present when you’re spending time with people you love. You have a wonderfully active and restless energy about you, but sometimes it means that you get distracted and are always thinking about the next thing coming or the next thing you have to do – and it ends up taking you out of the moment when you’re spending time with people you care about. So take this month to start being present, and truly in the moment, when you are with a dear friend or a family member.


Focus on improving an aspect of your personal life that will bring you more peace and joy – the only rule is that it must not be related to work. You are so motivated and focused that you are constantly putting all your time and energy towards your career, which is great, but it’s also important to have a healthy balance between your job and your personal life. So start reading a new book this month, or take an exercise class, or start a new show and put your computer and phone away while you’re watching it. Let yourself relax.


Ask a good friend to go out to a long, relaxed, and comfortable dinner. Vow that you’ll both put your phones away, and simply just enjoy being with each other and having genuine conversation that makes you feel like yourself. Your friendships are really important to you, and so is feeling connected to others through your words, so this is a great month to start prioritizing those things again.


July, use the month of February to start working on (and minimizing) how much you care about other people’s opinions. It’s one of the greatest causes of anxiety in your life – worrying about what other people think. This is not an easy feat and it’s not something you free yourself from overnight – so just take your time in February finding ways to find internal validation, by doing kind things for others, working on your goals, doing a good job at work, etc. These things will start making you feel good internally and will help you to stop worrying so much about what other people think of you.


Take part in something in which you are not the leader. It’s great that you are so motivated and have such a strong ‘leadership’ quality about you, but you also need to practice humility and working with/listening to others. So whether it’s a project at work, something related to one of your hobbies, a group trip that someone is planning, etc – find something you can sign up for or take part in where you don’t get to control what’s happening.


Practice giving compliments that are not in any way backhanded. Plain and simple. Just something kind, genuine, and straightforward that will make someone else feel good.


Work on not using so many white lies in your life. White lies are typically harmless and okay, but you’ve gotten in the habit of using them too often, usually when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. But sometimes, it’s more important to tell your friend that you think they’re making a bad decision than it is to keep them happy. Think about what will be more helpful and important to people in the long-term, and be as honest as you can.


Leave work at work this month. You really care about your job and you work very hard – that’s fantastic. But you need more balance and you need to set aside more time for recharging your batteries when you’re not working; otherwise, at some point, you’re going to crash and burn. So when you leave the office or you sign off for the day, stop thinking about work, stop answering emails, and start relaxing.


Start holding your friends to higher standards, and not in a bad or toxic way. But because you are so loyal, honest, and giving, you often will let your friends get away with not treating you as well as you treat them. But it’s important that you get as much (or a similar amount) to what you give. So this February, start holding your friends to the same standard you hold yourself as a friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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