Ranking The Birth Months By Who Is Most Difficult To Love

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Carly Rae Hobbins

1. September

September birth months have some wonderful qualities – confidence, a great work ethic, intelligence, curiosity. But what makes you difficult to love is that you are frequently critical of others. One minute you’re kind and the next you can’t resist pointing out someone’s flaws or shortcomings. You also tend to suppress your emotions or keep your issues to yourself, which leads to even more projecting and criticizing, overall making you very challenging to be in a relationship with.

2. April

April is not at all far behind September. Your unpredictable personality and exciting energy can make you very fun to be in a relationship with. But this can also lead to you sometimes being aggressive, and also letting your emotions control you instead of you controlling them. If you’re not in the right mood, it’s challenging to have honest and productive communication with you, and because communication is one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship, it can make being with you very challenging.

3. January

January, what people love about being with you is that you can be incredibly romantic and very loyal. You have a strong sense of ambition and you’re very focused on achieving your dreams – the problem is that you often make your partners feel like you’re choosing work over them, instead of finding a healthy balance between your career and your personal life. When someone feels like they are not at all a top priority for you, it’s very hard and painful to be with you.

4. February

The best thing about being with you, February, is that you have a fascinating nature – you’re a free spirit, you’re always growing and expanding your world view, and you have no problem making friends. But the number one reason why you’re hard to love is that you are stubborn about showing your romantic feelings – as fun as you are, you are not at all clear about how you feel, so whenever someone is in a new relationship with you, they spend most of the time worrying that they like you way more than you like them. And that’s not fun for anyone.

5. November

November, when you can work through your obstacles, being in a relationship with you is wonderful – you’re honest, trustworthy, thoughtful, and incredibly loving. But overcoming those obstacles takes a lot of work and dedication – you often emotionally close yourself off out of self-defense, you’re quick to anger, and you tend to be secretive. But work through these tendencies, and you will be very easy to love.

6. August

August, the best thing about being with you is that you are so affectionate and open with your heart. But the hardest thing about being with you is that when something goes wrong in a relationship or a challenge comes up, you panic and flee. You struggle with jealousy and insecurity in love, and rather than confronting these issues and working through them, you tend to run off instead. So your partner always feels like they’re walking on egg shells around you, and that gets very exhausting very quickly.

7. May

May, like January, you are very ambitious and very focused on getting things done. But unlike January, you never make your partner feel like you don’t prioritize them or like they have to compete with your career. The only reason you’re not further on the list is that you have to work on your temper – you get frustrated pretty easily and you need to start working on healthier ways to acknowledge and deal with that anger.

8. March

March, you are absolutely one of the kindest birth months. You’re sensitive, thoughtful, and totally comforting to be around. The only thing holding you back is you tend to cling on to grudges and you need to work harder at learning to let things go.

9. December

Here are the best things about being in a relationship with you, December: you are loyal, you’re generous, you are warm to those around you, and you love to be silly. Here are the only hard parts about being in a relationship with you: you can be impatient, and sometimes you act too impulsively. You just need to work on slowing down, taking a deep breath, and thinking things through.

10. October

October, you are pretty dang easy to love. You effortlessly give out affection, you make people feel cared about, you prioritize your loved ones, and you’re endlessly thoughtful. The two things you could work on are your (slight amount of) jealousy, and worrying less about other people’s opinions (so that you can just be present in your relationship).

11. July

July, dating you or being married to you is a breeze. You have a magnetic personality, tons of integrity, and you truly care about other people’s feelings. The only reason you aren’t the easiest to love is that you hold grudges for longer than you should.

12. June

Congrats June, you are very easy to love! With your compassion, your great sense of humor, and fascinating nature, people love being with you and they feel completely like themselves around you. Just make sure not to suppress your emotions when you’re hurt – sometimes you try to ignore your pain but it’s important to talk through it with your significant other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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