Ranking The Birth Months By Who Is Easiest To Fall In Love With

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Cristian Newman

1. June

June, you are by far the easiest birth month to fall in love with. You have the great balance of being someone who’s incredibly sensitive and also someone who has a great sense of humor. You love to laugh and have deep talks, and after having a conversation with you, people feel like they somehow understand more about themselves. It’s easy to talk to you and easy to feel close to you, which is why people fall for you so easily.

2. July

July, you are not too far behind June in terms of how easy it is to fall in love with you. Not only do you have a sparkling and magnetic personality, but you’re also very honest and you truly care about other people’s feelings. The only reason you’re behind June on the list is that when it comes to forming a deep relationship with someone, you can actually be a tiny bit reserved and quiet in the beginning.

3. October

The reason you are so easy to fall in love with, October, is that you have the type of personality where making connections with others is practically effortless. You’re generous in your affection and you put your loved ones at the top of your priority list – people love falling for you and being with you because you make them truly feel like they matter and like they are cared about.

4. December

You were born in one of the most joy-filled and happy months of the year, so it makes sense that you are close to the top of this list. People fall in love with you quickly and easily because you are loyal and completely trustworthy, you’re active and focused, and your wonderful sense of humor makes everything and everyone around you seem ten times brighter.

5. March

March, you’re not the easiest to fall in love with but it’s not particularly hard either. Thanks to your sympathetic and caring nature towards others, and your genuine kindness, people really trust you and love being with you. The only reason you aren’t higher on the list is because you can be somewhat reserved when it comes to being open about your feelings, so people are more reluctant to fall for you if they’re not sure that you’re falling, too.

6. May

The reason that people do fall in love with you, May, is because you are clearly motivated, you have a fascinating intellect, and you have an infectious curiosity about the world. The reason they don’t fall in love with you super easily is because you are reckless and you have a hard time expressing your anger in an emotionally healthy and productive way.

7. August

Here’s what’s enticing about you, August: you’re an incredible leader, you’re inspirational, and you’re fearless – especially fearless when it comes to love. But what keeps people from falling fast is that you struggle with anger and jealousy. Your mood can flip very quickly, and people are never sure which side of you they’re going to get.

8. November

There’s plenty of wonderful things about falling in love with you, November: when someone is in a relationship with you, you’re romantic, thoughtful, and very affectionate about your deep love. What holds people back is that you’re often secretive and closed-off, and you can even come off as callous and detached on occasion.

9. February

The best part about falling for you, February, is your free spirit. You’re exciting and unpredictable and very daring. The hardest part about falling for you is that you’re stubborn and not good at apologizing, and you can be overly sensitive about seemingly trivial things.

10. January

One of the reasons people love falling for you, January, is because they can tell you are an ambition person and you have a lot of goals for your life. But the reason you are so far down on this list is because you’re hard to please and very stubborn, you aren’t good at expressing your emotions, and even when you’re into someone, you always expect them to make the first move and to be the vulnerable one.

11. April

April, you’re at the bottom of this list because you can be overly emotionally aggressive in your relationships – you want your partner to feel the exact same way you do at all times, and you have a difficult time remembering that you can’t control your partner’s feelings, only your own. If you were able to work through that, it would be much easier to fall in love with your unique personality and your energetic outlook.

12. September

September, you are the most difficult to fall in love with because you’re so overly critical of everyone else’s faults. You have a wonderful kind and caring side to you, but it gets overshadowed by the fact that you’re so quick to point out the negative aspects of other people’s personalities. It makes it really hard for someone to fall in love with you when they feel like all you ever talk about is all the ways they come up short. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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