Ranking The Birth Months By Who Falls In Love The Fastest

The birth months ranked on how quickly they fall in love, from the slowest to the fastest.
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1. July

July, it might actually surprise a lot of people that you are the slowest to fall in love. It’s certainly not because you’re a hard person to fall in love with – you’re warm, you have a very endearing personality, and you’re incredibly caring. But the reason you are so very slow to fall in love is because you aren’t one to seek out new relationships. If they come to you, great – you’re always open. But you tend to be way more on the quiet side and to be someone who waits for love to happen to them, which is why you are by far the slowest month to fall in love.

2. January

January, the reason you are so close behind July when it comes to how slowly you fall in love is because you have such a hard time expressing your emotions openly. You’re also stubborn and you look for ways to be disappointed or hard to please, so when it comes to falling in love, you’re mostly getting in your own way.

3. May

May, you fall in love slowly because you’re restless and mostly focused on your ambitions. You have a hard time relaxing in love because you’re restless and always thinking about the next thing you need to do or accomplish, so when it comes to how fast you fall in love, you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum – taking your time and avoiding having to make any big emotional decisions, especially in the beginning.

4. June

The main reason you fall in love slowly, June, is because you let your hurt and your pain rule all of your decision-making. You have a great sense of humor and a welcoming nature, but you also let other people’s opinions affect you very deeply, which in turns keeps you from falling in love very quickly (or easily) because you’re so overly scared and cautious about getting hurt.

5. February

February, sometimes you fall in love ASAP, and sometimes it takes forever. It’s because sometimes you have this open and outgoing personality, and other times you clam up unpredictably and have a hard time talking about your romantic feelings. With you, falling in love slowly or quickly could go one way or the other, and it’s pretty unpredictable every single time.

6. September

September, when you’re being sympathetic and kind to your significant other, you can fall in love pretty quickly. But more often than not, you turn to your comfort zone of being overly critical and distancing yourself, which is when you end up holding your feelings inside and falling in love pretty slowly.

7. November

November, when it comes to falling in love, you’re not the slowest moving month, but you’re also not rushing full speed ahead. You can be frequently secretive and quiet, which is what gets in your way. But when you work through those roadblocks, you will share a deep and open love with your significant other, and once you’re falling, nothing will stop you.

8. October

October, you fall in love decently quickly, especially when it comes to showing affection. You’re open and unabashed and quite loving. The only thing that occasionally stops you from falling even faster is your struggles with jealousy.

9. March

No one can deny that March is one of the most affectionate and warm birth months of all, which is a big reason why you fall in love fast. The only thing keeping you from being at the top of the list is your tendency to sometimes be reserved in your outward expressions, even if there’s a storm brewing internally.

10. August

August, you fall in love fast because of your fearless personality – you know what you want, so you’re highly romantic and very open with showing your affection for someone. You also tend to act very hastily, which is another reason you fall in love so quickly but also a personality trait that can get you into trouble when it comes to your love life.

11. December

As the most honest and trustworthy of all the birth months, December, it’s not hard for people to fall in love with you. And it’s not hard for you to fall in love either – because you draw people to you constantly, you’re playful, and you have a wonderful sense of humor. People love being around you and you see the best in everyone; on top of that, you tend to act hurriedly and without reflecting too much, so it’s common for you to fall hard and to fall fast.

12. April

April, you fall the fastest of all the birth months because you are constantly thinking about seeking adventure. You follow that which thrills you, and often, that thing is love. You’re aggressive and unafraid of your own emotions, so when it comes to going after what you want, you are never, ever one to back down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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