Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Desperate They Are For A Relationship

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You’re the least desperate for a relationship. 

Mostly because the idea of emotional intimacy freaks you out so much that you’d like to procrastinate falling in love for as long as you possibly can. You’re also just naturally very independent, so you enjoy having your own space, making your own plans without consulting anyone else, and using this time in your life to grow intellectually.


You’re stubbornly not-desperate for a relationship. 

Commitment issues aren’t your problem. It’s the getting-around-your-pessimistic-outlook-on-love that is the reason why you’re not actively looking for it. You feel safer focusing on your career and chasing after concrete goals than you do being in a relationship and giving your control over to something as unpredictable and impractical as love.


You like your freedom too much right now to want a relationship.

You don’t dislike love; actually, you love love. But you also love adventure, traveling, spontaneity, not having anyone to answer to, independence, and self-exploration. Right now, you treasure the idea of being able to pick up your life and move anytime you want, or to be able to quit your job and travel for three months if you really wanted to. You’re not against love – you just don’t think it could fit into your life right now.


You’re not lonely or desperately craving a relationship because you’re really good at finding happiness no matter what your situation is. 

If love fell into your lap right now, you’d be thrilled. But you’re not actively seeking it because you’re already busy enjoying all the happy things you already have in your life. You find so much joy in nights out with your friends, little (and big) successes in your career, upcoming trips you get to look forward to, cozy nights in. If a relationship came into the equation, you’d welcome it with open arms. But you don’t feel like you need it to be happy.


You get addicted to the ‘falling’ part of falling in love, but you’re not obsessively chasing a relationship because you always get restless a few months (or weeks) in.

You love the idea of being in love. You enjoy the beginning butterflies, the excitement of the what’s gonna happen here? mentality, the coy flirting, etc. But once an actual relationship gets established and things grow comfortable, you get bored and antsy. So until you meet the person that changes all that, you’re kind of just letting your love life run free and you’re enjoying all the novelty and beginning excitement in the meantime.


You’re over the dating scene and you’re ready to settle down.

You’re tired of seeing (or partaking in) drunken bar makeouts. You can’t spend another minute on Tinder. You no longer find first dates to be refreshing or exhilarating. You were made to be in a cozy, comfortable, established long-term relationship, so at this point, you’re done with the supposedly thrilling dating scene, and you’re ready to just be settled down with someone already.


You really, really want a relationship, mostly because you literally cannot handle the anxiety that comes with the initial stages of meeting someone and possibly falling in love. 

Love has never been something that makes you feel giddy, lighthearted, and head-over-heels. To you, love is terrifying, anxiety-inducing, and full of needless moments of stress and overthinking. At this point, you just want to be with the right person and if you could, you would skip straight through the falling stages and just go straight to In A Committed Relationship. Commitment doesn’t freak you out. It soothes you.


You’re searching hard for that certain someone, mostly because you love the idea of being in a relationship and what it entails. 

You love the feeling of being on a path, of knowing where your life is going, of having a plan. Which is why you are searching everywhere you can for the right someone. You have a hard time not believing that your life path should follow a linear pattern of college graduation, career, engagement, marriage, children. You want your timeline to go a certain way, and in your head, a relationship and eventual marriage is a huge part of that.


You are super eager for a relationship, because once you’ve decided you want something, you can’t stop obsessing until you get it.

You are just used to zeroing in on what you want and then doing whatever you can to have it, and love is no exception to that tendency. Your friends are all starting to fall in love and get engaged, some are even having babies. So sometime recently, you decided that you wanted that too, and you haven’t stopped thinking about it since.


You want a relationship so, so, so badly.

You’ve always been the person that everyone thought was going to get married right out of college, but that’s not what happened, and now you really, really want it to happen. You’ve always been in long-term committed relationships, random hookups have never been your thing, and as warm and people-oriented as you are, you hate the ‘modern dating scene’ as you call it. You want nothing more than to fall in love right now, take yourself off the market, and never have to worry about being single ever again.


You, like, NEED a relationship ASAP. 

Like Taurus, you’ve always been someone who everybody thought would get married super, super young. But for whatever reason, you find yourself very single and very desperate to not be single. You’re a super sensitive being, so with each rejection or relationship failure that you experience, you get a little more frustrated and a little more eager to never have to do this ever again. You’re now at the point where you subtly or not-so-subtly ask your dates on date #1 what they’re looking for, and if they aren’t interested in getting serious fast, you’re OUTTA THERE.


You are Thirsty AF for love. 

You are convinced that a relationship would solve all of your issues. You would never have to deal with crippling self-doubt while talking to a new potential love interest again, you could stop worrying about being the third or fifth or seventh wheel in social outings, you could rid yourself of the anxiety you feel over the lack of certainty about your love life or your future. You’re tired of having to pretend like you’re fine and you’re ready to just find the one already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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