18 Signs Your BFF Is Basically Your High School Sweetheart

mirela bk
mirela bk

1. Of all the proms, homecomings, football games, pep rallies, and parties you went to, you have way more fond memories involving your best friend than you do with any kind of romantic partner.

2. If you are lucky enough to live in the same city, you see them on an almost daily basis. You don’t “schedule lunch” or “meet up for happy hour” because you and your best friend don’t make plans ahead of time. It’s just a natural assumption that you’re going to see each other
All. The. Time.

3. And if you don’t live in the same city, practically half of your cell phone data goes to FaceTiming, texting, Snapchatting, and Instagramming each other.

4. When you are catching up, whether it’s in person or on the phone, there’s no what’s new with you? kind of talk. You already know everything happening in each other’s lives. As soon as you’re sitting at a bar together or chatting on the phone, you just launch right into what’s going on. Like, they answer the phone with ‘hey’ and you’re immediately like ‘I just ate half of a cake.’

5. You know the most random things about each other: food allergies, traumatic middle school experiences, your preferred fast food joints, greatest fears when you were five-years-old, your favorite episodes of particular television shows, etc.

6. When you reminisce together, it can be as general or as specific as you want it to be. You could recall your overall favorite after-school hangouts and stay on that topic for an hour, or you could bring up that specific time you had a really weird encounter with a barista at that one coffee place and they would know exactly what day and what situation you were referring to.

7. They support you no matter what. But they also love you enough to be real with you. As in, if you’re being dramatic or lazy or complacent about something in your life, they’ll just tell you straight up to cut the crap.

8. The minute you get home from a really good date (or a really, really shitty one) you call them immediately. And they will either squeal like a middle schooler when you tell them the romantic details, or shout in horror and make you feel validated for how much you hated the date.

9. Sometimes they talk to you like an old married couples talks to one another. “Don’t drink red wine. You know it gives you a headache. Have a beer instead.”

10. They know exactly what to do when you’ve had a bad day, because they’ve built up years of experience when it comes to cheering you up.

11. Gift-giving is in a league of its own. You know each other so well that when it comes to birthday or Christmas presents, a random selection from the closest store would never do. You’re typically putting thought into these things at least a month ahead of time.

12. They’ve seen you at your absolute worst and love you anyway. Like, hungover, on your period, wearing sweatpants that haven’t been washed, greasy hair, chocolate-on-your-face kind of “worst.”

13. You can give each other better pep talks than anyone else in the entire world.

14. Your friendship is too deep for passive-aggressiveness. So when something’s bothering one of you, you hash it out face-to-face, as opposed to making repeated accusatory comments while never actually making any progress with the problem at hand.

15. You have unique figures of speech for everything. “He’s a total Jason from high school” means someone is an asshole. “She’s like, Tanya-level annoying” means someone is more annoying than the girl you guys were on the track team with, etc.

16. Pretty much every throwback nineties movie you can think of reminds you of having sleepovers with them and eating a whole package of cookie dough while you watched Center Stage, Bring It On, or She’s All That.

17. If or when you think you’ve met the person you think you want to marry, their blessing is almost as important to you as your parents’.

18. Every single awkward-looking picture of you that exists from high school almost always has them standing right beside you. Because they’re so loyal – even in their adolescent awkwardness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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