The Beauty In Vulnerability

I like beautiful people.

And no, I don’t mean pretty faces. I mean people who show vulnerability. People who are true and honest and kind in a world that isn’t so. Who open up their hearts to the world and devour the purest love. Those who are confident in sharing pieces of their soul with others, yet remain whole. The people who are light, who offer peace and tranquility in the palm of their hands to a place that can sometimes become so, so heavy. Those who show the most unwavering strength at a time when their heart aches and all they want to do is hide away.

I like those who inspire me to become a better me, supporting and guiding me while I figure my way around this messy, magical and beautiful life. Those who use all their courage to share their thoughts and feelings, listening to the voice that whispers, “It is a beautiful thing, to be vulnerable “

I like rawness.

Show me something real. Tell me what hurts you. Share your dreams. Your goals. Your passions. I want to know it all. Because that’s the kind of stuff that really makes my heart skip a beat. And in a world where we are so obsessed with looks, lust, and longing, we forget what really matters.

Sit and connect with someone. Ask them what keeps them up at 3 a.m. and listen to the way they choke on their words. Ask them what they talk to the universe about and what they’re grateful for in life. What motivates them. Take a look at the way their mouth curls into a smile and the way their eyes widen with excitement. Ask them what their favorite childhood memory is, their favorite chocolate bar, the favorite outfit that gets pushed to the back of their wardrobe, waiting to be worn on that special occasion. Feel the connection. Feel it all. Let the magic consume the both of you, no words exchanged except the sweet sounds of your souls speaking the only language that really matters.

Because for me, that’s pretty beautiful.

Life is beautiful.

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