To You—Beautiful You

To the woman who is trying to put herself first in a society where you’re taught to be selfless. I feel you. To the woman who does not yet understand who she is or why she has been put on this earth. You soon will. To the woman who is trying to fall in love with her beautiful self, dreaming about a passion that sets her soul on fire. I understand. To the woman who doesn’t yet see that her soul is made up of a galaxy full of stars, that she is literally in the hands of the universe.

I love you. 

Darling, you are milk and honey and all things soft. But you are also strong, powerful and so, so wonderful. Your heart is made up of gold that lies deep within the ocean. The pearls that are imbedded inside every cloud, pouring warmth and serenity down onto the lives of others. The wings upon a butterfly, strong enough to carry you through the times when life becomes messy. Delicate enough to allow you to feel so incredibly deeply, to devour the purest love. Your heart is made of light. The light that is enough to inspire and elevate another soul. the kind that is like a candle-lit bath after a hard day. The first breakthrough of sunshine after a storm, dancing its way through from behind the clouds.

Your heart and soul is what makes you, you.

The way you carry and project yourself, the way you sing and dance in the streets, as if no one is watching. Not a single care in the world, is just beautiful. you may not be where you want right away, you may not see just how much you’re needed in this world at the moment.

But that’s okay.

You’re learning, growing, making mistakes. You’re present, you’re living. I’m proud of you.

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