Surprise! The Education System Is Still Screwing You


Remember a time where you were free? I know it’s hard to think back that long ago. But I mean a pure time of no worries, no fear of what people thought, not a single ridiculous expectation from society. You made every day an adventure and running around screaming in your underwear was perfectly acceptable. Well that time was most probably when you were two, the magical age of innocence before you had been sucked into the education and work system. Oh for those days…But I have to ask myself, what is up with the education system today?

One dreadful reason is because we’re sent to school at such a young age. I remember being hysterically confused and sad about the fact I could no longer play at home with my toys, and from now on my future days were spent at school. Looking back, I spent years and years of my life doing pointless sheets of homework, taking every grade so seriously, and living in constant fear of being in trouble from every teacher, and for what exactly? Absolutely nothing. Now I’m older I can see it was completely and utterly pointless, besides the basics of life. Because we do need an education. Reading, writing, basic maths and social skills are a necessity. But what’s really messed up is once we could read and write, we wasted so many years of our youthful days stuck in classrooms being tested on pointless crap. Let’s face it; school suppresses our creativity, destroys our excitement for life to an inch from death, and makes us feel unworthy for not hitting top marks from day one.

Okay, I know that’s being a little pessimistic but in some cases is the truth. How many of us quit clubs and hobbies because we were simply ‘too busy’ with work to attend them anymore. And who knows, we could have pursued something really creative if it wasn’t for the workload, and been far happier too. Even to this day people are affected by how teachers made them feel during school years because of grades, and most aren’t even aware. So without even knowing it, the education system could still be screwing with your mind. Oh and it gets worse…

So most of our serious exams start when we’re 15, which then become what I like to call ‘prime robot time’. We’re all trained to write in a certain style to ‘please the examiner’ who just a completely random person judging you with a mark scheme. And if we don’t write in this certain style, well then our grades drop and we become losers apparently. Who made this up? Since when did life become determined by an hour in an exam hall? And through the years, 16, 17, 18, each test becomes more and more important, and we spend our teenage years drained, worried and stressed about every little thing all so we can get to university! But don’t worry because it’s all worth it they tell you.

University. We’ve spent most of our lives chasing after it, working towards it dreaming about it. And when we get there we’re STILL writing essays until the age of 21. Then after the many, many years of suffering we’re out in the big wide world, free at last! Oh but don’t get too eager now, because freedom is about to be taken away when you realise the debt you have, which is basically just a big slap in the face from the education system. Surely by that point they should be paying US to be still studying. But you keep your head high because you know how much worth your degree has; after all you’ve worked your whole life to get there. Then, when applying for a job, they have the nerve to say ‘Hmm well it’s all good but do you have any experience?’. Which is then when we have to start all over again and work for the rest of our living days, yippee. Thank you education system for lying to us all from day one, thank you very much! And that is why the education system may just be still screwing you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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