21 Women On The Sex Move They Wish Guys Would Do In Bed More

Informal poll of the girls in my life. This is what they came up with. What do you think?

1. Jana, 27

I love when guys are really forward about what they want, and then let me reject it, instead of just assuming I’m really conservative or prude or whatever. Nine times out of ten, I’m into it, as long as the sex is hot.

2. Sarah, 23

Directing my head during a blowjob. A lot. I want his hand all knotted up in my hair, pushing me up and down on his dick.

3. Natalie, 30

Lots of compliments in bed. That is the secret to getting her to try anything. I once had a guy that would kiss my clit gently during oral and tell me I had “such a pretty pussy.” He could do anything he wanted.

4. Julia, 22

Measured use of fingers during oral is very underrated.

5. Margo, 29

I love when they come on things. If I’m into the guy and the sex, I love when they come on me — tits, stomach, back, whatever. It’s all good.

6. Kylie, 29

A finger in my butt during sex. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

7. Alison, 24

One time I lay down on the bed with my head hanging off the edge, and the guy fucked my face. I’d love to do that again.

8. Olivia, 21

Put on a good song with lots of bass and fuck me to the beat.

9. Gabi, 28

I feel like the guys who want to do anal are never the ones you want to do it with, but with the right guy in the right circumstances, it can be great. Guys should be smart about it, I wish more would work their way up and do it the right way, and not just try to slip it in. A guy who knows his way around an ass is a keeper.

10. Lily, 31

Bite me, hard enough to leave marks. I love being scratched, bitten, choked — all in the context of really good, hot sex, of course. But I love a little bit of pain.

11. Naomi, 25

Say the nastiest shit to me possible in bed. I am very, very into degrading and super-dirty talk in bed. The hottest sex talk is always the kind that makes you both extremely turned on and embarrassed when you think about it the next day.

12. Elia, 23

I love when a guy comes into me a TON right before we go out and its dripping down my thighs all night, and he knows it. Games like that are very, very hot.

13. Heather, 26

Tell me what to do in bed. Don’t worry about what I will think, just tell me. Don’t ask, order. Let me obey you.

14. Jessie, 28

The best oral always starts with lots of light little kissing and teasing all over, from the inner thighs to the clit. It should take a long way to build itself up, otherwise the girl will get numb really quick and won’t actually feel what you’re doing.

15. Bea, 30

I love when guys tell me how hard they are, how much they’re thinking of me. I love feeling wanted, it turns me into a total slut.

16. Lacey, 27

This is going to sound so corny but I really love when a guy tells me how much he loves me in bed, and how much he wants to be with me, how much he needs me, etc. Once my boyfriend told me he couldn’t wait to spend his life with me while we were having sex and I thought my vagina would fall off from the hotness of it all.

17. Chloe, 22

Lick your fingers after you finger me. It’s so hot.

18. Viv, 25

Once a guy told me that he hated me, but that he couldn’t stop fucking me because it was too good. We were in the process of a (very drawn-out, because of the good sex) breakup. I have never wanted someone as much as I wanted him in that moment.

19. Fay, 25

I love when a guy is fucking me and makes me watch it. I love it, but I’m always to embarrassed to look by myself. Once a guy told me he wanted me to stare at it until he came. So hot.

20. Diana, 29

Kiss me really deeply during orgasm. Really deeply, like you want to swallow me whole.

21. Jordan, 28

When my boyfriend and I are really into it, he will look at me and not break eye contact, and have this deeply pleasured, almost pained look in his face. He’ll say “don’t fucking look away from me” and pull my face back towards him if I try to break his stare. It’s like catnip, I love it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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