21 People On The Freakiest Thing Someone Ever Did In Bed (That Ended Up Being Hot)

Round 2 of an informal poll on my girl (and guy) friends. What do you think?

1. Carley, 28

This guy I had met randomly in a strip club on my 25th birthday brought me into the bathroom and had sex with me there. I would never do it again, but it was extremely hot.

2. Jason, 28

So this girl was riding me near the edge of the bed when she leaned back. I figured she was just trying to get me in deeper but it turns out she was reaching into her purse. She pulled out a warm hotdog (WTF?) and began running it between her boobs. Then she got up and pushed me down onto the bed. She turned around and moved back to my face and bent over, but then she reached her hand beneath her and started moving the hot dog around on my lips while sucking my dick. I wish I didn’t like it, but I did. God knows where she even read to do that.

3. Stephen, 33

My now-wife (and no I did not marry her for this) pulled me a little further off the edge of the bed when she was giving me head and started rimming me. At first I was totally averse to it, but then I had the best orgasm of my life.

4. Maria, 28

My boyfriend fingers me while sitting at a bar sometimes. The first time it was really scary, but now I make sure to get a table in the corner and wear a skirt with no panties when we go to a bar just the two of us.

5. Clara, 27

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, and last year he suggested we roleplay/pretend to be strangers. We met up at a bar, and he pretended to be a businessman in from out of town for the weekend, and we ended up banging in the bathroom. I thought I would think it was stupid but it was SO. FUCKING. HOT.

6. Nicolas, 30

Don’t knock the “Daddy” play until you try it. In the bedroom, she’s only “baby” or “good girl,” and I’m “Daddy,” but out of the bedroom I treat her like a queen and she is the socially dominant one. It was all her idea.

7. Mark, 24

She used to make us fuck in front of an open Chatroulette session.

8. Naima, 22

This guy I used to see (not really a boyfriend, but you know, close) would film us having sex and send me clips of it throughout the day. He once made a GIF of it, which looking back seems kind of insane… but at the time it was very hot.

9. Kayleigh, 28

My boyfriend sometimes rents us a hotel room at this very nice hotel with VERY visible windows/rooms and makes us fuck in front of open curtains. Sometimes we draw a little crowd.

10. Max, 28

My wife once put an ice cube in my asshole. It was pretty hot.

11. Jada, 27

For like six months my ex boyfriend would beg me to let him put this little vibrating dildo in my butt while he fucked me and I would not let him, but I finally caved and tried it (for an anniversary of all things), and I almost died from having about five full-body orgasms that night. I miss that man.

12. Vera, 25

He started slapping me and calling me “bitch” “whore” etc during sex, lightly at first, then real, full-on slaps. It was so hot, but once he popped a blood vessel in my left eye and everyone thought I was getting domestically abused.

13. Julien, 26

Ex gf used to send photos of her panties around her ankles, which turned me on and really frustrated me bc it implied that she wasn’t wearing any but I couldn’t see.

14. Jack, 29

My girlfriend makes me vividly describe how turned on I am by other women and the sex I used to have with other girls. Now it turns us both on.

15. Geoff, 30

My ex girlfriend used to forbid me from orgasming for a week at a time, but would bring me almost to orgasm every night. One time I went temporarily blind and had to lie down when I finally came. She was a crazy bitch though.

16. Leila, 27

He took me to this really upscale sex toy store in Manhattan and said “Whatever you want. There is no price limit.” We walked out with 500 dollars’ worth of sex toys, and spend the whole weekend locked in the apartment doing all kinds of bondage. Doesn’t hurt that I got to do all that shopping, too.

17. Ira, 33

She loved to fuck on all of her roommates’ beds. It seems gross now but it was hot then.

18. Melanie, 23

For a while I was hooking up with this EXTREMELY hot divorced dad who was almost 20 years older than me, and he loved to embarrass me. He knew I was very shy about showing my naked body, so he would want to see me when it was the brightest time of day, make me get on all fours in front of the window and spread my legs, and eat me from behind.

19. Celia, 27

My boyfriend loves to watch me fuck other guys. We haven’t done it in person yet but I have hooked up with guys who agreed to be filmed, and he loves watching the videos. We’re working our way up to doing it in person (I’m not ready yet).

20. Jane, 25

My boyfriend loves to control me, and I really love to be controlled. Basically our whole life is like one extended form of foreplay, that he has introduced me to. I can’t really do anything without getting his permission, and sometimes he says yes or no based on how he feels. I will ask him what he wants me to eat today, what I should wear, if I can go out, etc. Sometimes he’ll tell me I have to wait at home naked, and I can’t eat anything, and he’ll get home at like 10 PM that night and he’ll let me put on a robe and make me an incredible meal and fuck me all night. We probably seem insane but it’s very, very hot.

21. Kevin, 23

A girl once made me have full-on sex with her while dancing at a nightclub. It kind of hurt physically but I was very, very turned on. She didn’t finish me off though. :( Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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