23 Questions And Answers With A Man Who Had A Relationship With His Mother

As seen on Reddit. And yes, it’s verified.


IAMA Man who had a sexual relationship with his mother. Verified

When I was in my teens, I had a sexual relationship with my mother. I think that we would both characterize the experience as positive. Please fee free to ask anything but I will not discuss anything that would reveal my identity. Recently, my mom and I spoke with a researcher that is studying example of incest that were not traumatic. He is preparing a paper on the subject. I am not an advocate for incest. For whatever reason, it worked for us. Don’t use use my experience as a template. I am here to relate my experience, not debate incest as a subject.

Here are a few FAQs that people will probably ask:

It started when I was 14, my mom was 37

I have an older sister that was unaware and not involved.

My dad knew about it from the beginning and supported my mom’s decision.

It ended around college.

1. Stupid question: Any possibility you’re adopted?

Nope, biological.

2. How did the researcher find you, and what made you decide to be involved with his work?

Well, I was aware of some of his work so he was on my radar and then I saw a notice online that he was looking for people in my situation.

3. Were you ever attracted to your sister?

Yes, but not overly.

4. How did this begin?

Well, without giving away too info, I was injured in an accident at 14 and incapacitated. I went from masturbating 2 times a day to zero. After 2 weeks, I was frustrated and took it out on my parents. My mom and dad knew what was up and talked about my mom “helping” me masturbate. They approached me one afternoon and when my mom said, I know you are frustrated and why you are frustrated would you like some help masturbating. Blood was rushing in my ears and I said yes but I really didn’t know if she meant what I thought she meant. I was excited and confused. She said that she would take care of me when I went to bed. Hours away.

[The injury] was temporary. During that time, I was not sure if her masturbating me would continue one I recovered. It did continue and progressed. It started with her masturbating me. Progressed to her giving me oral and eventually we had sex/made love. It was a slow progression.

We had kissed when orgasming but it was weird and it rarely happened.

5. Did you cuddle afterwards, ever kiss passionately, or was it just straightforward sex?

There was no cuddling. There once was a passionate kiss that happened during but it was weird so we didn’t kiss after that. Pretty vanilla sex.

—Here, I’ll say it. “Guy fucking his mom says that kissing her is weird”

6. Was your dad ever present?

Over the years my dad had seen us together but he never watched per se.

7. Were you ever worried about babies and what not?

Well, my mom was on the pill and never got pregnant.

8. How was the first time you had sex with her. I mean, full on intercourse.

Well, The first time we had intercourse, I was lying in bed getting oral from her. In the middle of it, she stopped, climbed up my body, pulled her panties aside and sat on me. She was wearing a long Tshirt. She told me not to cum and she rode me for about a minute and came. She then finished me with her mouth. My head was spinning.

Sometimes it was discussed at the table but not with my dad around.

I would never tell anyone I know.

9. Was there a fear that your sister would find out?

There was at first but we were careful. She left for college pretty soon after it started so that made it a little easier.

10. Do you still continue this sexual relationship today?

No, it ended after I left for college. It just started to slow down and then eventually stopped. There wasn’t an event that ended it. I have talked to my mother and father about it over the years. The subject is not off limits. I don’t think that either of us wishes it to start up again.

11. Did your parents ever tell you not to tell anyone outside of the household? if so how?

They never had to tell me, I think that it was a mutual decision.

12. Did you ever talk dirty to each other?

No, no dirty talk. At the beginning, she could be clinical in her description of what she was doing and I would get turned on, but not dirty dirty. At orgasm, there could be the “Oh Shit” or “Oh Fuck”

13. Had you already lost your virginity, or was your mother your first?

I lost my hanjob/blowjob virginity to my mom. But intercourse was with a GF

14. While having sex or when you were about to cum, did you ever yell out, “I’m going to cum, Mom!” or something to that effect?

Yes, on occasion, I would say mom when I was coming because that is what I called her, Mom.

15. After the more clinical phase, who took more control in bed?

Well, it became equal when we started having intercourse.

For the most part, I would initiate but sometimes she would ask me. the code was “do you want to go upstairs?”

We probably only did 3 positions.

16. Did your mom dress sexy around the house?

No, she dressed like a normal mom. I never felt her up around the house.

17. How would most of these encounters happen? like explain a scenario?

At first it would happen when I was going to bed. Then it could be in the morning, after school or before bed. It all depended on the day. Sometimes 2 twice a day and sometime non at all.

18. If she got pregnant, would the child be your mother’s child or grandchild?

I am sure that if that happened then she would have got an abortion.

19. Did your parents know you’d lost your virginity to a gf? How exactly did you know that it amped up your parents’ sex life or that your father was turned on by the details? Can you describe the circumstances of the kiss a bit more? Why did it feel weird?

I did not tell my mother or father that I had lost my virginity. My mom stressed that if I had sex then I should wear a condom. They knew that I had a GF. It was after my mom and I had intercourse that I told her that I had had sex with my previous GF.

I had an idea that it amped up their sex life because I could tell that my parents would have sex after my mom serviced me. I couldn’t hear them but I could feel it through the floor and walls. I confirmed years later, talking to my mom, that it did increase their sex drive.

Well, it was later in the relationship, we were having sex, missionary. We were both in the moment and was lost in the pleasure. I locked lips like I would with my GF. It lasted through orgasm, maybe 30 seconds. We both said that it felt weird. Maybe because we kiss like normal mother and son in real life, this was a bit too intimate I guess. I really didn’t analyze it when I was 17. All I ever called that kiss, was weird. It wasn’t unpleasant just weird.

20. Were family gatherings (during and after the sex stopped) ever awkward?

No, I don’t remember any family gatherings being awkward. We had a remarkably normal mother/son relationship aside from the sex. I always have gotten along well with both of my prarents.
Keeping that secret is very easy. I haven’t had a urge to tell anyone I know…just thousands of people on the Internet.

I know people will disagree but I am a pretty normal well adjusted person. I don’t see the relationship as negative.

21. Do you like incest porn?

Not really. Incest isn’t a fetish of mine.

22. Was there ever a time when you were anxious or conflicted about your relationship?

There really wasn’t a time that I was anxious or conflicted. When it first happened, I was worried that it would end.

I knew that I liked it, I didn’t feel guilty and that I wasn’t abused. I really thought that I was lucky.

I have seen a therapist about another matter but it was unrelated and short term. If I don’t believe myself to be broken, why should I seek Help?

Over the years, I have had questions and I felt free to ask them. It is not an off limits subject.

23. Do you feel any guilt associated with what occurred?

No guilt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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